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One-day food tour in Hanoi Old Quarter on New Year’s Eve

by Chloe

If you choose Hanoi as a place to have fun on the New Year, do not miss a series of delicious dishes in the culinary paradise of the old town.

Hanoi in the early days of the year is an attractive time for tourists to visit to enjoy the sweet cold of winter and the bustling atmosphere to welcome the Tet holiday. To the capital, experiencing a one-day food tour in the old town is a favorite choice of young people. Here are some suggestions to help you plan more fully.


There is no shortage of cheap and delicious breakfast restaurants in the Old Quarter. To avoid getting lost in the “foreigner” rows, you should consult a number of addresses that are appreciated by many diners. Popular, delicious restaurants with affordable prices, about under 50,000 VND.

Food tour o pho co Ha Noi anh 1

After breakfast, guests can walk around the old town and visit the cafes to relax and chill. In particular, egg coffee is one of the drinks that should not be missed on this journey.

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Recommended places: Trang Noodles with ribs, P bread, Mrs. Mau dumplings, Phuong Beo instant noodles, Nhan duck vermicelli, Cong Coffee, Dinh Cafe, The Note Coffee…

Food tour o pho co Ha Noi anh 3


To fill up the stomach after a morning stroll, the lunch menu around the city center has a variety of attractive and typical dishes for visitors to choose from. From famous “bun cha” or “bun dau mam tom”, you can easily find many of stalls on the street.

Food tour o pho co Ha Noi anh 6

Snacks are suitable and highly recommended for the afternoon will include tea, caramel, yogurt with sticky leaves, ice cream …

Food tour o pho co Ha Noi anh 8

Some places referred to try out: Bun Cha Hang Fan, Pho Bat Dan, Noodle Soup in Dong Xuan Market, Noodles Hang Khay, La Vong Fish Ball, Phu Doan Mixed Eel Noodles, Trang Tien Ice Cream, Thuy Ta Ice Cream, Tea 4 seasons…

Chả cá lã vọng TP.HCM - Hương vị đúng chuẩn thơm ngon


You should choose to have dinner near the pedestrian street to have more experience. Warm dishes at night are a favorite choice of many travelers. You can enjoy hot pot, grilled, snail, instant noodles, hot spring rolls, grilled chicken feet, fried spring rolls, clam porridge, rib porridge …

Food tour o pho co Ha Noi anh 9

Besides, Hang Duong is a famous “neighborhood” of Old Quarter with a series of the most delicious dried fruits in the capital for visitors to stop by to buy gifts.

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Some reference addresses: Thang Beo hotpot, fried spring rolls, Tem Thuong lane, Ha Trang snail, Huyen Anh rib porridge, Tran Xuan Soan clam porridge…

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