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Once traveling to Cuba, do not miss these 9 delicacies

by Victoria

Not only famous for cigars, the country’s cuisine also attracts international visitors by its richness with delicious and delicious dishes. Cuban cuisine has a hint of Spanish flavors, mixed with the Caribbean style. Cuban cuisine is both traditional and mixed with modernity due to the innovation of these dishes according to each local area and different cooking methods.

In this meal of the people of the Gulf, the dishes will be given at the same time, not serving each dish as Western countries. Here are Cuban delicacies that visitors should try once when having the opportunity to visit this country.

1. Paella Habana

Paella Habana is the most typical dish of Cuban cuisine, a kind of rice that is slightly pasty, rich in turmeric flavor, cooked with carp, clam to cover, squid, shrimp with bold Spanish flavor. Paella Habana is attractive by eye-catching bright yellow colors decorated with vegetables, accompanied by the sweetness of seafood in turmeric and a little spicy of green pepper.

Top 9 món ngon của Cuba nên thử một lần

2. Tamales

There are also tamales in Mexico, but this Cuban dish has a different taste. This Cuban delicacy is made from mashed corn, cornstarch, shortening and ground pork. All are wrapped in corn leaves, tied tightly, then boiled with salt water. This is a unique traditional Cuban cake eaten with black bean soup, which has been around for a long time and still remains to this day, and is loved by both domestic and international visitors.

Top 9 món ngon của Cuba nên thử một lần

3. Black bean soup

As mentioned above, black bean soup is another traditional Cuban dish besides tamales. The main ingredients are black beans, oregano and butter, cooked in a low heat. When eating this soup, people also enjoy the same smoked meat. It is said that in Cuba, you must taste this traditional dish to fully understand the traditional taste of Cuban cuisine.

Top 9 món ngon của Cuba nên thử một lần

4. Ropa vieja

Cuban delicacies – Ropa Vieja has main ingredients including soft cooked beef and criollo tomato sauce. Shredded beef corn cooked in criollo tomato sauce until soft, put on white rice or served with tortilla chips, they often served this beef with dried banana. The unique combination of sweet and sour beef with the crispness of the banana brings a distinct flavor that stimulates the taste buds. It is interesting to note that Ropa vieja in Spanish means “old clothes”, because then tearing the flesh by hand looks like old cloth.

Top 9 món ngon của Cuba nên thử một lần

5. Cuba Sandwich

Cuba Sandwich, also known as Mixed Sandwich because the inside ingredients can vary depending on the taste and characteristics of each region. However, the permanent filling is usually pork, stew or chicken, cheese, pickled cucumbers and Mojo sauce. Then eat with french fries and salad, indispensable a cocktail Mojito sipping with. The crispy baked cake with fragrant powder crust, fully blending the inner flavor with the melted fatty cheese is what makes diners fall in love, not surprising when the sandwich is the pride of the kettle. Cuba.

Top 9 món ngon của Cuba nên thử một lần

6. Tostones

Tostones is not a sumptuous dish but actually a very unique and attractive variation of fried banana. Cubans use Plantain bananas that are high in starch and especially with very little sugar and fried twice. The banana pieces are pressed into thin cakes or a small bowl to combine with salad, cheese or even instead of bread to eat with meat. The flavor mix of the dish includes the sweet sweetness with the crunchy, moist texture of the banana slices and the appealing side dishes for a Cuban street food.

In addition, Plantain bananas that are grilled or steamed are also very delicious.

Top 9 món ngon của Cuba nên thử một lần

7. Elote

Elote is a popular dish in Cuba with ingredients that are sophisticatedly processed corn. Corn baked on a charcoal stove, then dipped in cojita cheese and sprinkled with chili powder, cilantro and lemon juice. Elote makes visitors excited because it has a very different crispy aroma. In addition to eating directly, Cubans also separate the corn kernels and sandwiches with toast or tortilla to sip in the afternoon.

Top 9 món ngon của Cuba nên thử một lần

8. Cocktail Mojito

Cocktail Mojito is a popular drink in Cuba with the strong taste of mint, and the refreshing and mild taste of lemon. They come from the ingredients Rhum wine and lemon soda and mint leaves blend together to create a very seductive flavor. This Cocktail is especially popular in the summer with all kinds of mango Mojito, Strawberry Mojito … full of appeal.

Top 9 món ngon của Cuba nên thử một lần

9. Daiquiri

This can be considered as an ancient and traditional drink of the Cuban that was invented in 1990. Just by using lemon, sugar cane and Rum with a very simple recipe makes the drink simple but there is perfect taste. So far, many bars have their own different styles of Daiquiri blends, but nevertheless it retains the charm of its visitors.

Top 9 món ngon của Cuba nên thử một lần

A note for you is that Cuban delicacies are quite cheap for you to enjoy, the average price is 7-10 CUC / person, when decorated at the hotel, the price is higher, from 20-30 CUC / person. . If you want to save money, you can enjoy the food in the street vendors, the taste is no less than the dishes in famous restaurants. Wish you have an enjoyable Cuban trip when you enjoy delicious Cuban dishes!

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