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Noni – Champion of stinky fruits in Vietnam

by Chloe

You might think durian must be the champion of stinky fruits, however, this fruit even stinkier.

Noni is belong to the coffee family, scientifically known as Morinda Citrifolia, usually grows in tropical and temperate regions. In Vietnam, this fruit is commonly found in humid areas along rivers, streams, ponds or ditches throughout the southern provinces and some central provinces.

Người ta còn dùng quả nhàu để tăng cường miễn dịch cho cơ thể

Noni fruit is about 5-7 cm long, light green when young, yellowing when ripe. Its shell is smooth and shiny, with characteristic rough round spots. The soft flesh on the inside of the noni fruit is completely edible. However, its taste, not everyone dares to try it.

According to whom have experienced, Noni fruit has a slight odor, when eaten in the mouth will feel the hot, pungent with a little sweet taste.

The Debate Over Pasteurizing Noni Juice — Hawaiian Ola

Although the taste is not very attractive, Noni fruit is sought by many people because it is considered a super medicine that can aid in the treatment of blood pressure diseases, osteoarthritis pain, digestive problems…

Quả nhàu khô - Lựa chọn tuyệt vời để điều trị bệnh hiệu quả – Thảo Dược  Thuốc Nam

Noni fruit is processed into many different ways from dishes to juices to even medicine.

⭐Nước Ép Trái Nhàu Noni Juice Từ Mỹ: Mua bán trực tuyến Nước ép trái cây  nhiệt đới và Nước ép trái cây lạ với giá rẻ | Lazada.vn

You can eat fresh which is usually eaten with salt or pressed into juice or try out the dried one to soak in wine or boil it and served as a tea.

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