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Ngoc Bich Valley – A brand new place in the tourist map of Vietnam

by Victoria

For a long time, Quang Binh Vietnam has been famous as an interesting land with many types of terrain and world-class landscapes. Not only that, there are many new tourist destinations being put into operation, enriching tourism services and activities as well as attracting more and more tourists. In which we cannot forget to mention the Ngoc Bich valley.

Ngoc Bich Valley is a small land located quite close to Phong Nha – Ke Bang tourist area. Although it is a new tourist destination that has not been mentioned by many people, perhaps just by looking at the pictures taken here, many devotees want to carry backpacks and come to this valley immediately.

Đôi nét về thung lũng Ngọc Bích

Quang Binh Ngoc Bich valley is also known with another name, Hava valley. The total area of ​​the valley is about 16ha with a fresh, primitive and vast landscape. Because this place is located in a deep forest, it is completely isolated from the scene of the bustling, modern city.

From Dong Hoi city, choose a car or motorbike to move to the valley. The place is located right on Ho Chi Minh Street, so it is quite easy to find and go.

Giới thiệu về thung lũng Ngọc Bích

The right time to travel to Ngoc Bich valley

According to Quang Binh tourism experience, the most suitable time to come here is in the summer months. From April to August, the climate is now hot and dry. This condition is also very suitable for people to come to Hava valley to bathe the stream, breathe cool air, play in the blue water. When traveling, do not forget to bring your swimwear, hat, glasses, sunscreen, …

If you choose to go in other months, please pay attention to the weather forecast to avoid rain, storm, flood, … affecting your travel itinerary.

Thời điểm thích hợp đi du lịch thung lũng Ngọc Bích

The beauty of Quang Binh Ngoc Bich valley

Due to its location right next to Dark cave, Ngoc Bich valley has a section of Chay river flowing through. The river here is gentle, quiet, the water is clear and cool. Coming here, visitors just need to breathe the atmosphere of heaven and earth, they are enough to find peace of mind.

Vẻ đẹp ở thung lũng Ngọc Bích

The whole valley is surrounded by imposing mountain ranges. From the first time coming, you will feel like you are missing a beat in a fairyland in an ancient story. With the green color of the mountains and forests, the trees blend perfectly with the emerald green color of the water stream, creating a natural, romantic and pure masterpiece. Possessing the enchanting beauty of the human heart, Ngoc Bich valley is definitely a Quang Binh tourist destination that you cannot miss.

Khung cảnh thung lũng Ngọc Bích

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