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Must-visit places you shouldn’t omit while travelling in Istanbul

by Victoria

Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey, stretching on both sides of the Bosphore Strait and on two Eurasian continents. That is why Istanbul has become the economic, cultural and commercial center of Turkey. If you are planning to travel to Istanbul, the following article will be very useful for you. 

What season should you travel to Istanbul?

You can go to Istanbul in Turkey any season you like. But it is advisable to travel in spring and fall. Because these two seasons have a cool climate, it is very pleasant to visit, have fun, and shop. Spring in Turkey is from April to June, while autumn lasts from September to November.

Transportation in Istanbul

There are many means for you to travel to Istanbul safely. But mostly buses and taxis.

– Bus: To move between locations, you will have to take many buses but it is quite cheap, the car is very clean, equipped with headphones, wheels, front screen.

-Taxi: is a fast and convenient means of transport, but it will be a bit expensive. Moving to far-sighted locations must have a price agreement before going. You should consider when using this vehicle if you want to save money.

According to the Istanbul travel experience of many people, you should buy a ticket for convenient travel. This ticket is available at any ticket booth and can be used for trains, subways, and buses.

Places to visit in Istanbul

Istanbul city is famous for tourist attractions such as Grand Bazaar Market, Bosphorous cruise, Blue Mosque Temple, Hippodrome Square, Dolmabahce Palace, Hagia Sophia, .. and many other famous places.

Sultanahmet/ Historical Peninsula

This peninsula, also known as Sarayburnu, is located outside of the Bosphorus, Golden Horn and the Marmara waters. It was once considered the heart of the ancient Istanbul historical area. The images of unique architectural works, delicate carved domes … really make visitors admire. Coming to this island, do not forget to visit Topkapi Palace – the residence of the Ottoman kings for 400 years.

Blue Mosque Temple

This shrine was built in the 17th century only in Turkey with 6 columns. This mosque can not help surprise you both in size and scope. In particular, the church uses more than 20,000 blue ceramic tiles, more than 50 different tulip designs to make a difference. Admission is free, just a few minutes walk from Sultanahmet tram station and Old City subway station.

Basilica Cistern

The underground construction proved to be outstanding with 336 pillars built by the Romans, especially the face of Medusa placed upside down at the end of the road. Previously in the 16th century, this place was the source of water for the people of Istanbul. After this, it was gradually forgotten and became an attractive tourist destination in Turkey.

Dolmabahce Palace

Dolmabahce Palace is located right in the Bosphorus, attached to the two continents of Asia – Europe. This special architecture fully demonstrates the blend of traditional Ottoman beauty with European style. Visitors can not help but enjoy the large scale and delicate decorative motifs, along with the largest clusters of Bohemia crystals in the world.

Galata Tower

Originally named the Tower of Christ, the 66.9-meter (220-foot) tower is a high point within the Genoese colonial walls called Galata. Most of the walls are long gone, but the great tower, with its 3.75 meter (12 foot) thick walls, remains.

The balcony has panoramic views, surrounds the tallest, narrow window, is easy to open to the weather and is not recommended for those who suffer from fear of heights. The balcony is open daily from 9am to 5pm (7pm in summer). There is an admission fee. But this is a must-see when you’re in town.

Galata Bridge

To experience İstanbul at its most magical point, walk across the Galata Bridge at sunset. At this time, the historic Galata Tower was surrounded by chirping gulls, the mosques on the top of the city’s seven hills silhouetted against a gentle rose-red sky and the scent of apple tobacco evoked from tiny cafes under the bridge.

During the daytime, the bridge carrying the constant flow of İstanbullus crosses and goes from Beyoğlu and Eminönü, and a series of hopeful anglers are dropping their catches into the waters below. Below, restaurants and cafes serve drinks and food all day and night. Come here for a beer and gaze at the ferries on the way to and from the Eminönü and Karaköy ferries.

Meet Shawnpady, an island boy from Andaman and Nicobar Islands, India. He is a Filmmaker, YouTuber, Travel Vlogger, Hitchhiker, Trekker and planning to be a Biker around Turkey. “No Destination is My Destination, that’s my Journey. I don’t know where will I be tomorrow. Enjoy and check out my YouTube channel www.youtube.com/shawnpady and his Hindi Travel vlogs Channel www.youtube.com/lostislandboy” – He shared with us.

He just finished a tour in Istanbul, where he also had the opportunity to record some beautiful footage, especially of GALATA TOWER & BRIDGE OF ISTANBUL.

“It’s a must visit place in Istanbul. Advice: visiting early in the morning as nobody will be there. And try to get into the nearby hotel and check out the view from there. Feeling it, it looks huge when you see by your naked eyes, pictures and videos can’t justify” – He added

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