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Morocco – the country of colorful cities

by Victoria

“Land of one thousand and one nights” Morocco is a beautiful kingdom in North Africa. From here you can see the Mediterranean from Chefchaouen and the Atlantic Ocean from Casablanca.

In addition, Morocco is considered a land of unique culture and is home to great natural scenery, with charming old Muslim towns of hundreds of years old, romantic beaches, beautiful deserts and winding canyons.

1. About Morocco:

Morocco is located in Northwest Africa, has international border with Algeria to the east, opposite Spain through the Strait of Gibraltar. It is also the only African country that is not currently a member of the African Union, but is a member of the Arab League, Arab Maghreb Union, Francophone Community, Islamic Conference Organization, Dialogue Mediterranean, Group 77 and a major (non-NATO) ally of the US.

Morocco has a population of over 33.8 million people and has an area of ​​446,550 square kilometers. The capital is Rabat, and the largest city is Casablanca. Other major cities in Morocco are Marrakesh, Tangier, Tetouan, Salé, Fes, Agadir, Meknes, Oujda, Kenitra and Nador.

2. The ideal time to travel to Morocco

Morocco’s climate is quite complicated because it is located in an area close to the sea and in the desert, but there are still great times for visitors to explore. Generally, you can go to Morocco at any time of the year, but pay attention to book your hotel room in advance, learn the climate and schedule it carefully to make the trip go smoothly.

➤During the summer months in Morocco (June to August), the heat is particularly intense in the Sahara desert. The plateaus and cities along the Atlantic coast – like the city of Casablanca and behind the Essaouira region are also very hot. The northern coast and the Rif Mountains enjoy a temperate Mediterranean climate with long, hot days.
➤ During the winter months (November to February) the daytime temperatures in the south are quite pleasant, but you should still bring a warm coat in case it gets cold in the evening. Winter in the north of Morocco is quite wet and cloudy. The High Atlas Mountains are very cold and sometimes the summit is covered with snow until the end of July.
➤ Morocco is recognized by many tourists the best time to travel in spring (between March to May). Then everything was lush, very suitable for hiking in the mountains.
➤ In addition, this country is also very poetic in the fall (from September to October) when the temperature is very pleasant. It can be said that spring and autumn are the two best time to travel to Morocco in the year.

3. Transportation in Morocco

To Morocco, tourists have many options to move between tourist attractions in the city, or go from city to city such as plane, train, taxi, bus or bullet train .. The most popular and convenient means of transporting between places in Morocco is a bus or train.

However, the advice for self-sufficient Morocco tourists is to hire a private driver in advance. Because if you book the driver in advance, you will be more secure, because someone is already waiting for you at the airport. The itinerary you have provided is basic, so you also know some of the costs to pay for your small excursions. This is much more convenient than going to the airport and then taking a taxi, while you do not have a fixed fee, tips or road schedule.

4. Attractive places in Morocco

Marrakesh city

Visiting Marrakesh, visitors not only discover the remaining historical traces of Volubilis – a cultural symbol of the country, but also enjoy shopping at the Marrakesh market, the largest market in Morocco. In particular, you can rent a hot air balloon service to admire the whole city from above. There are many hot air ballooning agencies throughout Marrakesh, but the most popular is the Ciel d’Afrique, which has a history dating back to 1990. With only about 2050 MAD tourists can enjoy a private trip on a hot air balloon. bridge, usually an hour long on the outskirts of Marrakesh and the surrounding mountains. After the flight, you will receive a special passenger certificate and an amazing Berber breakfast cooked by women from the nearby village.

In addition, Marrakech also has Medina which is also a bustling and vibrant destination that attracts tourists from Morocco. In this old city, there is the very famous Djemma el-fna Square. Visitors coming here will feel like half of the city converges throughout the day, extremely noisy. In addition, the plaza also has booths, traditional musicians playing musical instruments, snake rider and street circus performers.

Riding camels in the desert village of Merzouga

To take part in this unique camel ride it is recommended to contact the travel agency in advance. They will then take you to Merzouga, where the Sahara sand dunes begin. From there you will begin your camel ride. This was truly a perceptual change for anyone. Because you will find yourself becoming more peaceful in the desert, riding a camel while the sun sets and the warm air mixed with the sand gently sweeps your skin.

The blue city Chefchaouen

Chefchaouen is a famous tourist village located in the north of Morocco. It can be said that this place is one of the most magical places in this Kingdom. Not only is a dusty village in the mountains of Morocco, but Chefchaouen is also a beautiful destination, with shades of blue on the walls, windows and doors of the house, and lots of trees. all the narrow streets.

Fez City

The city of Fez in Morocco is known as the Athens of Africa. In addition, Fez is also the royal city of Morocco, which means there’s a lot of history in everything you see in this small city. As visitors can learn about the medieval culture of the “kingdom of one thousand and one nights”. Or you can also visit the tannery located inside the old town. To this day still retains the exact same space as hundreds of years ago, workers still color the skin in the traditional way.

Shout out to the owner of all these wonderful Moroccan pictures in this article – Mr. Zakariae. The Morocco based photographer was born in city Ksar el kebir North of Morocco, he has been a photographer since he was 18 years old and now with 5 years experience, he is a professional photographer. He starts travel in his country and takes photos everywhere he go, that helps him discover many beautiful places and make him a good photographer as today. His Instagram account is @zakariaedaoui, where he posted his works that attracted nearly 25,000 followers.

“Being a committed photographer I am enjoying endless passion to taking photos of the amazing places in my country. It is a mutual love by discovering the most passionate landscapes of the beautiful city of Chefchaoune in its blue color, the golden sands of the desert in Marzouka, to the red city of Marackech  that never stops taking the breath of many visitors. All those cities and others are inspiring through their unique colors, geographical positions and beautiful landscapes. I cannot wait to take more moments from the sightseeings and sharing them with the world. That’s my real love.” – Zakariae said.

If you love his inspirational photos, follow Zakariae on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/zakariaedaoui/. And don’t forget to share your travels with us via info@wetravelguides.com, or our Facebook / Twitter.

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