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Miracle Garden – Natural man-made beauty inside Dubai city

by Chloe

Miracle Garden is located in the middle of the Dubai desert – South Al Barsha, Dubai Miracle Garden appears like a miracle, attracting the attention of thousands of visitors from all over the world comes to visit.

Dubai’s magic garden features 45 types of flowers imported from all over the world. It is no coincidence that this garden is named Magic Garden, this park is the largest flower garden in the United Arab Emirates region with more than 45 million flowers blooming over 18 hectares.

This fascinating tourist attraction holds the World Record for the World’s Largest Flower Garden. In addition, the heart-shaped flower beds in the middle of the Heart aisle are very popular.

Windmills surround this area, in addition , this garden also has a parking space, a seating area, a prayer room and a shop for visitors to visit.

This breathtaking garden offers a beautifully colorful oasis that makes them relax as they immerse themselves in the natural world.

With 20 USD per person for entrance fee, this garden is opened from 10 am to 10 pm, you can freely admire the beauty of this garden for such a long time as you want, especially on weekends, Miracle Garden is even open until midnight.

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