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Marvel at the unique French cultural features that attract many visitors

by Victoria

Before you intend to carry your backpack on and go, learning the typical culture of that country is the foundation for you to better understand the country and its people. With France, a country tourism for thousands of years always attracts tourists to visit at all times of the year, if you intend to come to France, it is impossible to ignore the study of typical French culture. The typical French culture is also a tourist attraction in addition to the magnificent buildings in France. The typical French culture is always appreciated and for the French it is also the basis for human evaluation. Culture is expressed from the family to the community and always has certain principles, passed down from time immemorial, so the French are conscious of preserving the culture to this day.

French cultural characteristics reflected in community culture

When traveling to France, community culture is the thing that you most easily observe about a typical French culture. In France, the elderly, women and children are always allowed to go on the right side of the bay when walking on stairs. Other works in public places often pay attention to the disabled, convenient for the disabled.

Men in France often follow or walk closest to the roadside to be able to help the elderly, women and children in need. If you are walking with the flow of people on the street, you want to hurry, you should move left, leaning to minimize the impact.

Public works are prioritized for the elderly, the disabled, women and children

For the French, when going out, always have to be neat in the way of dressing, from costumes to shoes, because this is also an act of respect to everyone around. When you go to public places, typical French culture must always be on time because if you want to go, it will affect the people around.

In public, the French in uniform also show respect for people

Traveling to France, the culture of lining up is a typical French culture that makes people love France. The French coming to public places that need to buy tickets often wait in long queues or modestly wait for their order.

Family culture is a unique French culture

The typical French culture loves peaceful space from home, so everyone in the family often helps each other with housework without assignments. Family is a home for people to come back to gather together after hard working days, so everyone always wants to keep the fire warm for the warmest family atmosphere.


Every family member from adults to children has the right to private space and everyone must respect each other’s own space. This is a typical French culture for young children in France to grow up well. Parents in France, if there are conflicts, usually do not handle them in front of their children.

Communication is also a typical French culture

A typical French culture that people often see when you come to France is that people kiss their cheeks as part of communication. Each region in France will have different ways of kissing, the number of kisses is different, so if you go to France don’t be afraid if the French show you a kiss, they simply want to be closer to you.

French often kiss everyone in the family, with relatives to say thank you or say hello. Kiss becomes a cultural characteristic of France unlike any other country.


Typical French culture on the dining table

You do not think that the culture on the table is also a typical French culture. Always be on time when sitting at the dining table. If you come home late and do not intend to eat, you must notify in advance so that everyone will not wait.

At the table, with typical French culture, everyone must always sit upright, without any actions to put their hands on the table because this shows the lack of culture and disrespect to everyone around. When you eat, a napkin will be placed on your knee and you must wipe your mouth every three times.

Eat and drink at the table slowly, chewing with your mouth shut to ensure a delicious meal with everyone. If you have half a glass of wine left on the table, you cannot leave the table. After the meal is over, the knife and fork at the tip must be turned downwards to inform everyone that they are finished. The typical French culture attaches great importance to meals, so people often talk for a long time on the table, a meal can last up to 5 hours.


If you are planning to come to France, you cannot ignore the following points about typical French culture. When coming to France, many tourists can not help admire and admire the typical French culture. The long-standing culture is preserved and cherished by the French, so show yourself a civilized, polite person when traveling to France!

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