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Maldives is not only beautiful but also has irresistible delicacies

by Victoria

The Maldives not only has gorgeous thermal islands surrounded by white sand beaches, but offers some of the best food also known as Dhivehi cuisine. Let’s explore delicious dishes in the Maldives!

Maldives delicacies are rich with traditional flavors strongly influenced by neighboring countries such as India and Sri Lanka. Previously, the Maldives depended on essential ingredients such as fish, coconuts, bread, tubers and over time with foreign influence from trade and tourism, Maldives cuisine has developed a Special blend with its own unique flavor, symbolizing a unique culinary identity.

Các món ăn ngon ở Maldives
Maldives cuisine uses a lot of spices

Today, the traditional cuisine of the Maldives is based on three main ingredients and that is coconut, fish and starch containing grains and vegetables. Delicious dishes boast a distinct flavor made up of mild spiciness, sweetness and are prepared according to the ancient culinary traditions that have been passed down for generations in the Maldives.

The delicious dishes in the Maldives are derived from the coconut

Coconut, known as ‘Kurumba’ in Dhivehi cuisine, is grown on every island in the Maldives and is an important part of culture and cuisine. Coconut is also a popular plant grown on the island of Maldives as a national tree and is one of the main ingredients of Maldives cuisine. Coconut is used in many forms from grinding and scraping, coconut water, coconut milk and as oil in deep-fried dishes.

Các món ăn ngon ở Maldives
Bajiya, a pastry stuffed with fish, coconut and onions

The coconut is crushed with a traditional Maldives tool called ‘hunigondi’ – a low bench with a serrated steel blade at the top, slicing the coconut into small pieces for processing. Grated coconut can be used to make dishes or soaked in water and squeezed for coconut milk (kaashi kiru). Coconut milk is an essential ingredient in many curries of Maldives and other dishes. It is also a staple ingredient used in many fruit drinks and ‘mocktails’.

Delicious dishes from fish

Unsurprisingly, fish is a staple in the island nation’s cuisine, with tuna being the most used fish. Maldives is home to a wide variety of tuna, namely frigate (raagondi), small tuna (latti), skipjack and yellowfin (kanneli), used in many dry or fresh dishes. . Other common fish species used are bigeye scad (embedimas), mahi-mahi (fiyala), scad mackerel (rimmas) and wahoo (Kurumas) …

Các món ăn ngon ở Maldives
Fish is a popular ingredient for dishes in Maldives

Tuna is prepared by cooking, smoked or grilled, while other types of fish are usually grilled or deep fried. Another key ingredient in Maldives cuisine is a brown powder made from tuna called rihaakuru.

And in it, Mas Huni is the most famous dish made from this fish. In addition to the main ingredient which is tuna, the other equally attractive ingredient is coconut, onion and ground chili. The recipe is quite unique, the tuna is cut or crushed. Then onions and chili are also mixed with pureed coconut pulp. This dish is often eaten with crispy sliced ​​bread. This is one of the most popular breakfast flavors in this country and the sweetness of ground coconut mingles with the sweetness of tuna, adding a little spiciness of fresh chili plus the crunchy aroma of toast makes anyone. I also love and love this dish for the first time.

Các món ăn ngon ở Maldives
Mas Huni is the most popular dish in the Maldives

Also still has a fresh taste from tuna, but this time it is a soup called Garudhiya basically only fish, water and salt so the dish has a rather strange taste, but thanks to fresh tuna. make a difference. Currently this hat is added some spices such as chili, curry leaves, onions … to increase the flavor of the dish as well as easier to enjoy.

Starch dishes – the main ingredient in the Maldives

Starch is a major ingredient in Maldives cuisine and is used in many forms, including tubers such as cassava, sweet potatoes and taro; fruits such as millet (bambukeyo) or screwpine (kashikeyo); and rice, pulverized or cooked.

Các món ăn ngon ở Maldives
Crispy sweet potato

Curry dishes

Curry is one of the most popular dishes in Maldives cuisine and ranges from fish and chicken curry to vegetable curry, rich with exotic spices and flavors. This dish is made from traditional curry powder made by the people here, the main food is chicken and a mixture of other spices. Especially in the Maldives, there is a curry dish called Mas Riha with eye-catching red and yellow color, curry sauce is thick and spicy mixed with fresh sliced ​​tuna meat, coconut, chili. In addition, a chicken curry called Kukulhu Riha is also loved with many different spices.

Các món ăn ngon ở Maldives
Maldives fish curry

Vegetable curries are also on the menu and include ingredients like eggplant (bashi), pumpkin (barabou), tora, chichanda, and muranga, as well as green banana, coconut milk, and curry powder mixed with Onions, herbs, spices and chili. Curry is usually served with white rice or with roshi or chapati bread (unleavened bread).

Juices – indispensable delicacies in the Maldives

Traveling to the Maldives is indispensable for a glass of cool and delicious juice because this is a popular drink and is sold everywhere in the Maldives. The fruits here are varied and plentiful, so depending on the season, there will be specific drinks. But the most important is still pineapple juice. What better than lying on the beach and sipping the sweet and sour taste of a glass of pineapple juice!

Các món ăn ngon ở Maldives
Coconut water is the main type of water in the Maldives
Các món ăn ngon ở Maldives
Juices are very popular on the island of Maldives

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