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Maitisong Festival – The carnival mode of Botswana

by Victoria

The Maitisong Festival is Gaborone’s major festival in Botswana that takes place in March. This is an artistic performance including traditional music, dance and theater held throughout the city and its suburbs. The event lasted for nine days and the entire population took to the streets in festival mode.

Botswana’s largest performing arts festival has been in existence since 1987. It features outdoor music, theater, film and dance, as well as an indoor show at the Maitisong Cultural Center and Worth Hall. Remember the Tin Hats (MOTH). Highlights include top performers from all over Africa.

Local and international artists bring theater, music, dance, poetry and comedy to a paid audience at a number of locations around Gaborone as well as non-stop music shows for thousands. have fun in less privileged areas for free. Event programs are typically available at centres and malls in the month before the festival.

The event took place in multiple locations across Gaborone. The Maru-a-Pula and Maitisong schools are still the venue for the Festival and hold the opening and closing nights. Old Naledi is another interesting new place. The organizers plan to hold musical concerts not only for Old Naledi residents but for all who are looking for great entertainment.

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