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Ma Pi Leng – A Vietnam’s ultimate mountain pass for the tourists

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Ma Pi Leng pass is such a wonder of the world that lies right on the border of Vietnam and China. The pass offers breath-taking landscape and exotic walking trails along with the mount.

Mama Pi Leng implies a scaffold of a pony’s nose, portraying the state of its shape. Has for quite some time been positioned by local people, Ma Pi Leng Pass is among the best 4 passes in Vietnam which are both wonderful and risky. Riding on this pass, you’ll be astonished by the enormous landscape of limestone mountains racing to the skyline. You can see mountains under your feet, see neighborhood towns with their life a long way from your seat. Rock mountains in the correct hands become cold at high places and this is hard to ride with stormy climate.

Riding a motorbike on Ma Pi Leng Pass will bring you elation, that is the means by which wonderful the pass is. Nonetheless, we just suggest the individuals who have enough riding experience to take on the test on the grounds that the street driving up Ma Pi Leng is quite serious. It’s winding, tight, and two-way

Is Ma Pi Leng Pass dangerous?

The road across the pass is almost the most dangerous road in Ha Giang. Therefore, you should limit going in bad weather conditions like rain or fog. Besides, you need to be very careful when moving on this road.

What is the best time to visit Ma Pi Leng Pass?

The best time to travel to conquer Ma Pi Leng Pass is in the dry season from October to February. The pass area is often rainy and foggy all year round because of the high pass terrain, it can be very cold.

It is best to see the weather forecast to avoid going on rainy days because not only is it dangerous but sometimes you can not see anything because the dense fog above has obscured all the view.

Ma Pi Leng Panorama hotel

Arranged in Mèo Vạc, Ma Pi Leng Panorama Hotel has a restaurant, bar, coffee shop, and free WiFi. Flaunting room administration, this property additionally gives visitors a terrace. Visitors can appreciate mountain sees. At the inn, each room accompanies an overhang with a nursery see. At Ma Pi Leng Panorama Hotel the rooms incorporate a closet, a TV, and a private washroom.

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