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Lost in wonderland at Waitomo Glowworm cave – New Zealand

by Victoria

Explore the Waitomo Glowworm firefly cave in New Zealand, you will see firsthand the shimmering light emitted from millions of fireflies creating a magical, dreamlike scene like in a wonderland.

Introduction of the Waitomo cave system

Waitomo Glowworm Cave, ‘Wai’ means water in Maori and “tomo” means hole or open. This cave is part of the Waitomo Cave system that includes Ruakuri Caves and Aranui Caves. Waitomo Cave is located just outside the town of Waitomo on the North Island of New Zealand. It is an attractive destination for tourists all over the world to admire and explore.

hang đom đóm Waitomo

Waitomo was first discovered in 1887 by the Maori clan head – Tane Tinorau along with an English investigator – Fred Mace. The Maori had long known about the cave existence, but underground caves were never widely explored until Fred and Tane went to investigate.

hang động đom đóm Waitomo
The light of the fireflies emits a blue color mixed with a hint of green creating a magical glow

They made a raft out of flax stalks and, holding candles and torches in hand, went into the cave together. When they entered the cave, they were truly amazed by the sparkling light of the fireflies emanating from the cave’s ceiling. And when they went deeper into the caves towards an embankment, they were even more amazed by the dense limestone layers and the chit inside the cave. Extremely excited by the discovery of such a majestic cave, they have come back here many times to continue to explore more. In one trip alone, the patriarch Tane discovered the upper entrance of the cave and is also the main entrance to the cave today.

In 1889, Tane Tinorau started opening the cave to serve tourists to visit. Since 1906, the New Zealand government took over ownership of the cave, Tane Tinorau and his wife received a percentage of the cave’s sales and were involved in the management and development of the cave together.

Over the years under the impact of water flow, Waitomo cave formed millions of stalactites and stalagmites, creating an extremely rich ecosystem in the cave. When going deeper into the cave. You will not help admiring the majestic cave system and this is also home to hundreds of other creatures.

Discover the magical beauty of the Waitomo firefly cave

Located more than 45m deep in the ground with a cave structure and unique shape due to the impact of nature over time. Waitomo Cave is home to hundreds of species of fireflies, scientifically known as Arachnocampa Luminosa, which emit a light source that is blue with a hint of green. This color is emitted by the chemical in their tail that reacts with oxygen to form.

hang động đom đóm Waitomo
Magic space inside the cave

The fireflies emit light and mucus to attract other insects ‘trap’, which form long lines that hang from the cave ceiling like sparkling crystals. Firefly lights are also used to attract mates by using bioluminescence generated from their tails. The “arachnocampa luminosa” fireflies have a rather short lifespan, only live for about 10 days enough for them to mate and lay eggs, but what they bring to this world is special. That fanciful light is illuminated along the Waitomo River, as if you could touch the galaxies with thousands of sparkling stars with your hand.

hang động đom đóm Waitomo
Firefly mucus secretes to attract other insects to form sparkling crystal chains

Walking along the river in the cave, a world of strange blue light in the movie ‘Avatar’ is appearing in front of your eyes, that magic light flashes, then disappears according to the sound in the cave. . The boat slowly drifted, you will be captivated by the series of light drifting naturally like soft silk ribbons, extending to the end of the cave like tiny lamps adorning the majestic stalactites. . That fanciful light blends with the clear, crackling sound of the water droplets, creating a magical scene on the earth.

hang động đom đóm Waitomo

To preserve the ‘terrestrial galaxy’ at Waitomo cave, New Zealand scientists must always monitor and analyze the air index, humidity, temperature and CO2 to capture the change of the cave. caves, which adjusts to the number of cave visitors per day. These strict regulations are designed to protect and prevent humanity from losing such a wonderful natural treasure.

hang động đom đóm Waitomo

Come to the Waitomo firefly cave where you can relax your soul with the light of wonderland. For those who like to explore the magic of nature, the Waitomo Glowworm cave system is the answer that could not be more perfect. Let’s see the starry underground galaxy right in the beautiful New Zealand with We Travel Guides!

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