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List of delicious dishes in the Czech Republic

by Victoria

Let’s enjoy delicious dishes in Czech Republic – one of the most attractive cuisines in Europe. Here is a list of delicious dishes in the Czech Republic you should not miss while traveling in this country.

Beefsteak tartare

The classic Czech beef dish you should taste is tartare steak, a raw beef that is grated, chopped and creamed with spices and an egg above or simply mixed. available. You can eat this with toast and a clove of garlic. This dish originated in the time when Italian workers built railroads and brought bruschettas (a sweet appetizer from Italy). But the Czechs don’t grow olives so they baked bread with lard then put a portion of garlic on top of toast and beef on top to enjoy. Usually it is pre-mixed with onion, eggs, oil, cream, fried capers …

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Kulajda cream potato soup

Best Czech cuisine in soups and sauces. And if there is a best traditional Czech soup, it must be Kulajda: a creamy potato soup with mushrooms, dill, vinegar and a boiled egg on top. There are many versions for different soups at restaurants in the capital city of Prague. This delicious Czech Republic dish is suitable as an appetizer in any meal!

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Vienna sausages

Czechs love to eat sausages and eat them as a kind of fast food, it is also suitable for drinking with beer. If you want to savor the true Vienna sausage, visit Nase maso in Prague, which has a classic sausage dish: a piece of beef and a piece of sausage, all on a paper plate with one little mustard and bread. Czechs often give these sausages to their kids as a snack so you can eat it anywhere while traveling in the Czech Republic.

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Svickova, a classic Czech dish made for weddings or Sunday family lunches, is therefore a recipe associated with family meals. Usually this dish consists of a vegetable sauce with cream added with carrots, celery and parsley, accompanied by a grilled steak followed by a sauce and it is served with dumplings.

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If you eat this dish you can visit the village of Cakovicky just outside the city. There is a dish here with a sweet, rich taste that makes the dish very delicious, especially the best Carlsbad dumplings in the Czech Republic. This is one of the dishes of traditional Czech cuisine

Stewed duck

There are not many delicious dishes in Czech Republic that use chicken but duck is another thing. Like schnitzel, duck can be found on the menus of many restaurants the way duck is stuffed with spices served with dumplings and sauerkraut. When paired with fresh Pilsner beer for a combo is everything: rich, sweet, salty and bitter in every piece.

It can be said that stewed duck is a fine dish indispensable in the meal of the Czech people.

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Schnitzel with potato salad

Traditional Czech food is Central European food, and schnitzel is the perfect example. Invented by the Viennese, the Wiener schnitzel was veal, the Czech and German version was predominantly pork. This dish is a softened piece of meat that is breaded and deep fried, preferably in butter. The traditional Czech version of potato salad is a mix of potatoes, carrots, boiled eggs, onions and pickles, with mayo, mustard, pickles brine and salt and pepper.

The toast with a chestnut aroma of avocado and salad is a perfectly balanced blend of salty, sweet and slightly acidic. It is also served with cranberries.

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Fried cheese

Vegans in the Czech Republic often use fried cheese, which is a crispy slice of cheese, served hot. This type of cheese is brewed in a room for about 6 weeks and then fried, it is a delicious Czech dish that you cannot ignore.

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Garu Hungary

Like schnitzel, the Czech version of Hungarian garu is a stew that typically uses a piece of beef (sometimes pork), and is served with dumplings. Goulash is really a great dish for taste when you step into a Czech restaurant. Vegetarians should take note of the mushroom goulash, a very popular version that takes advantage of the Czech’s ability to pick and process mushrooms.

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Fruit dumplings

One of the delicious dishes in the Czech Republic is fruit dumplings, which are not a dessert, but the main dish usually after a soup or appetizer. This dish features a fruit-filled dish and is served with melted butter, sugar and other sweet spices. Some versions offer delicious strawberry and apricot dumplings with buttermilk and cheese. In addition, dumplings are served as a dessert adding more fruit and sweeter.

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When it comes to Kolache, you need to know that it makes a delicious Czech pastry dish, it has a sweet inner filling, serving solid poppy seeds and cherry kolache. This dish can be combined with the best coffee, it is sold in coffee shops across the capital city of Prague.

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Snacks and Czech beer

Beer is the national drink in the Czech Republic, with a wide variety of snacks derived from enjoying the best beer flavor. Czechs especially love to combine food with beer. Snacks can be found on the menus of most pubs in Prague, including a piece of meat and spices. Vegetarians can opt for pickles, which are Camembert-style cheeses marinated in oil with spices.

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Is a Czech one-sided sandwich that looks so beautiful that makes you don’t want to eat. This dish is a slice of bread like a baguette or toast with savory toppings. It serves as snack food, finger food at home parties, office food, and can be found at social events such as high-profile plays or proms in Prague.

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