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Lighthouse in the middle of the sea becomes a luxury hotel in Sweden

by Victoria

Hammeskar lighthouse island off the Swedish coast has just been renovated into a luxury hotel called Pater Noster. The island is about 8 km from the nearest fishing village, Mastrand. Visitors can only reach the island and hotel by boat or helicopter.

According to the hotel’s website, there is a legend that sailors often say “Pater Noster” (meaning The Prayer of God in Latin) every time they cross the island to help locate and avoid the rocks. underground around. Tourists have to pay 560 USD per night at Pater Noster, the only hotel on Hamneskar island with the 150 year old lighthouse.

From 1868 to 1977, the lighthouse keeper and their family lived here to help the boats pass safely. Today, thanks to a Swedish architect, Stylt renovated this place, visitors can come to explore and experience life on a distant lighthouse.

The island houses and the lighthouse are still intact. The new Stylt-designed hotel is located in the main residence, including a main unit with 7 double rooms, additional separate dining area and a summer cafe.

On the island there is an outdoor bedroom for visitors to watch the moon and stars. “If the weather is clear, you can see the lights from the lighthouse on the Danish side,” said Stylt founder and photographer Erik Nissen Johansen.

Each night here costs 560 USD / person including boats moving in and out of the island, home breakfast made of fresh bread, cakes and jam.

Stylt designs the hotel with a home-like atmosphere, uses vintage furnishings and décor, and colors in harmony with the island’s ocean and history. Below is a corner of the dining room and living room of the main building.

Here, visitors can take a dip in an outdoor pool filled with seawater, meditate at the 150-year-old lighthouse, or board a boat for day fishing, practice cooking and dinner preparation with fresh ingredients just caught from the sea…

The hotel encourages guests to take advantage of the city’s remote and secluded location to enjoy the peaceful, secluded urban life.

According to Johansen, the concept of “luxury, luxury” changes over time, and Pater Noster is to represent a new type of luxury hotel. Twenty years ago, luxury meant expensive cars, watches, but nowadays, a place or trip away from that is luxury.

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