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Let’s enjoy Biltong – the specialty dried meat of South African

by Chloe

Coming to South Africa without enjoying the Biltong dry meat, you have not really discovered all the unique culinary features of this land. Biltong dried meat is made from different ingredients, be it African ostrich meat, kudu antelope meat… Often people will choose ostrich fillet, dried and marinated with many kind of spices.

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To preserve meat for a long time, local people will cut meat into long pieces, marinate with salt and hang to dry. This dish can be taken with you on a long sea trip without fear of getting spoiled.

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The way to make this Biltong dry meat is also very simple, after being cleaned, the meat will be marinated with the usual spices then infusing spices for 12 – 14 hours. Finally, bring it to dry or put in the oven.

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When it is ready to eat, this dish is often served with french fries. People can eat this dish whenever they want, using it as a snack or serving it in daily meals.

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Currently, this dried wild meat has been packaged into small packages sold at the stalls at the Capetown market, or at supermarkets or roadside stations. This dish has a rather salty taste and when eaten you will see the toughness of each muscle because it is prepared by soaking in red cider or malt vinegar, then seasoning with spices such as black pepper, vegetables. smell, brown sugar and garlic.

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This Biltong dried meat dish is also easy to find at grocery stores or specialty stores in South Africa. Currently, Biltong dried meat can be exported to the United States to promote this country’s cuisine.

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