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Landing on the smallest town of the earth in Croatia

by Victoria

The world’s smallest town named Hum is located in Croatia – perched on a high hilltop, recognized by the Guinness World Records as the smallest town on the planet with a population of no more than 23. The town is located in the center of the Istria region, near the town of Buzet, only 100 meters long and 30 meters wide.

thị trấn nhỏ nhất hành tinh ở Croatia

Break into the smallest town on the planet in Croatia

With a distance of about 40km from Rijeke or Umag, you can set foot in the smallest town in the world when traveling to this Coratia country. Depending on the time, the answer about the number of people living here is only 17-23 people and the town of Hum has an area of ​​two streets and three walls. Currently, Hum is known as a charming tourist destination with bold Croatian cultural identity.

According to historical records, the town first appeared in 1102 with the name Cholm translated in Italian as Colmo. Originally, the small mountain town had only one watchtower, a defense system with the aim of keeping the bandits from attacking.

thị trấn nhỏ nhất hành tinh ở Croatia

Gradually, around the watchtower, a small town grew and took shape, becoming inhabited by guards and their families. Today, visitors can see a picture of an idyllic small town, out of chaos and seemingly not drowned or traces of the tension in modern life. The highlight on this peaceful picture is the image of the parish church and the ancient bell tower.

With such a scene, many people will mistake the town of Hum with nothing worth visiting. But, Hum may be the smallest place on the planet, but it will make many visitors unforgettable. The town hall and parish church are very well preserved, offering visitors a glimpse into the history of this famous town.

thị trấn nhỏ nhất hành tinh ở Croatia

The parish church of the town dedicated to the Virgin Mary was built in 1802. There is also a small Roman church of St Jerome built in the 12th century, where ancient murals are kept. kept and intact.

There is also an impressive street that takes you to the city of Hum called Glagolitic Alley. It is a 3 km long road, decorated with giant stone sculptures bearing Croatian Glagolitic cahcs and it connects the city of Hum with a small village of Roč.

thị trấn nhỏ nhất hành tinh ở Croatia

Every detail in that wonderful picture all records a certain evidence, telling the story of formation and development by itself. All with a Croatian breath.

In town there is a restaurant with unique cuisine. At Hum, famous things like humska biska, a form of rakija (brandy) mixed with mistletoe and some other ingredients are ‘must try’ drinks – according to a 2000 year old brew. This type of drink is considered the medicinal alcohol of the people, everyone coming here is invited to drink, to soak up the flow of this town.

thị trấn nhỏ nhất hành tinh ở Croatia

Hum is also the last stop on Glagolitic Avenue, a peaceful 7km road connecting Roc village, with 11 special monuments. Statues in this arc are sculpted to pay homage to the Glagolitic alphabet, the first Slavic alphabet.

Located at the crossroads of Central and Southeast Europe, bordered by the Adriatic Sea, Croatia is a favorite destination for many tourists, with many world heritage sites such as the old town of Dubrovnik, or the historic complex of Split. with Diocletian Palace, Trogir historic city or St. James Cathedral in Sibenik. However, many tourists still want to find the smallest town on this famous planet to enjoy the new feeling.

thị trấn nhỏ nhất hành tinh ở Croatia

On a sunny day, with a blue background of clouds and sunshine, visit Hum and explore eagerly, you will be captivated by the pace of life, the scenery here, and it is hard to stop. The sound of tranquility, the slow pace of life full of pleasure, from people to nooks and crannies makes people lost, as if separated from a great deal of noise, hustle and bustle outside a small town of only 23 people!

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