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Korean Hallasan Mountain – The sacred symbol of Jeju Island

by Victoria

Mount Hallasan in Korea located in Jeju is a huge shield volcano, located at an altitude of 1950m. This is the highest mountain and one of the hottest places to choose hiking in this country.

núi Hallasan Hàn Quốc - trung tâm của đảo Jeju

Mount Hallasan in Korea or Yeongjusan is one of the three god mountains of Korea, Hallasan Mountain is located at the southernmost tip of the Korean Peninsula. This mountain is widely known by scientists for its enormous geological value. It was designated a national park in 1970, with 368 parasitic volcanoes called Oreums dotted around the main mountain.

Located in the center of Jeju Island and known as the highest mountain in Korea with an altitude of 1,950 meters above sea level. Diverse ecosystem, more than 1,800 types of plants and 4,000 animals (3,300 species of insects). The mountain possesses great scientific value and is a real treasure of animals and plants. Hallasan Mountain Nature Reserve was designated Nature Monument 182 on October 12, 1966.

núi Hallasan Hàn Quốc - địa điểm tham quan nổi tiếng

Moreover, the beautiful land of Jeju and Mount Hallasan is a place to keep ancient mysteries. And connecting this island with Jungmun with its western core, has been recognized as a gift from God. An incomparable treasure that needs to be preserved by the people of the world, Jeju volcanic island and lava tubes are the first UNESCO World Natural Heritage on June 27, 2007, as well as being recognized as Global Geopark on October 4, 2010.

núi Hallasan Hàn Quốc - đường mòn trekking nổi tiếng

Korean Hallasan Mountain is famous for its vertical flora ecosystem due to the changes in temperature along the slopes. To discover this mountain’s treasure, just follow one of the mountain’s hiking trails. With walks less than 10 km, you can get to the top and back in a day. However, the constantly changing weather brings a lot of wind, so visitors must prepare carefully before climbing.

núi Hallasan Hàn Quốc - điểm săn mây ấn tượng

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