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Kolomenskoye Park – Russia’s oldest “fairy garden”

by Victoria

Traveling to Russia, if you want to find green spaces separate from the bustling city, then Kolomenskoye Park is a perfect destination. This is a destination possessing timeless beauty with romantic gardens and the most typical architecture of Russia such as wooden houses, castles, towers, ancient churches by the beautiful river. Therefore, Kolomenskoye is always a very attractive destination in Moscow with thousands of visitors every day.

Located in the south of Moscow, the Kolomenskoye park is a favorite destination for tourists. The beautiful scenery and unique architecture make this place one of the must-see places to stop when coming to the Russian capital.

Du lịch công viên Kolomenskoye của nước Nga

History of the Russian Kolomenskoye park

Kolomenskoye Park is located on a road connecting the Russian capital and the town of Kolomna. This park is located 103km south of the city center. Originally, the park was founded by the Kolomna people when they fled the Mongolian ruler Batu Khan, grandson of Genghis Khan. In the 1336s, Kolomenskoye was the property of the Great Prince of Moscow, then this park was also owned by the Tsar of Russia in turn.

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Currently, Kolomenskoye Park is a very famous destination in Moscow, where it preserves rich heritages and beautiful natural scenery like paradise that many tourists fall in love with.

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Check-in points should not be missed at the Kolomenskoye park

Voznesensky, Dyakovo and Kazansky apple orchards

These are the most famous places in the Kolomenskoye park. The apple roots here are planted from 1943-1945. Spring comes, apple orchards become paradise with the sweet scent and pristine white color of apple blossoms. This is the best time to visit the apple orchard and take photos.

Vườn táo công viên Kolomenskoye

In the summer, the garden is shady green trees with apples that grow and change from green to a delicious rose-yellow color. In autumn, when the apples begin to ripen, visitors come from all over to enjoy the sweet fragrance and watch the heavy apples in a strange peaceful space.

hoa táo nở rộ ở công viên Kolomenskoye
Chụp ảnh với hoa táo ở công viên Kolomenskoye

Beautiful oak forest

Not only is it famous for its beautiful apple orchards, but the Kolomenskoye Park also has a beautiful oak forest. The oak trees here have a lifespan of 600 to 700 years, this is also the oldest oak forest in the Russian capital. The oak forest in the park is picturesque with wide canopies and long stretches. On weekends, locals and tourists often come here to rest, relax and watch the romantic Moscow river.

Rừng sồi công viên Kolomenskoye
Khám phá rừng sồi công viên Kolomenskoye

Church of the Ascension

This church was built in 1950 by order of the great Duke Vasilii III Ivanovich. The main building material of the church is white stone, this is also the first church with a pyramid-shaped roof structure. The church has a structure of a cross-shaped basement, an octagonal body and an octagonal top with a small arch above. The window frames are arrow-shaped with layers of semi-circular arches.

Nhà thờ thăng thiên công viên Kolomenskoye

This work was recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage site in 1994. Today, Thang Thien church is a popular tourist destination for visitors to Kolomenskoye Park because of its unique architectural beauty and distinctive white color.

The wooden palace of Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich

This work was rebuilt in 2010 according to the prototype of the wooden palace of Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich built in 1960 with the same size and architecture as the original shape. The palace is built from wood with an extremely unique architectural style. Located on the right bank of the Moscow line, this wooden palace becomes one of the most famous landmarks of the Kolomenskoye park.

Cung điện gỗ trong công viên Kolomenskoye
Cung điện gỗ trong công viên Kolomenskoye

Visiting Kolomenskoye Park to immerse yourself in a rich green space with beautiful apple and pear gardens, majestic oak trees and beautiful architecture will definitely be a great experience that will make you unforgettable. This wonderful park is a place for visitors to better appreciate the Russian nature, a “beautiful garden” right next to the modern, flashy city.

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