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Keppel Hill Reservoir & Seah Im Bunker – Historical treasures in southern Singapore

by Victoria

Keppel Hill Reservoir is an abandoned reservoir near Mount Faber in the south of Singapore. It was built during the colonial period of Singapore. It fell into an unused state due to its small capacity and was eventually forgotten. It was rediscovered in 2005. The hidden Seah Im Bunker is located in Keppel Hill, behind the Seah Im Carpark.

Keppel Hill Reservoir

To find Keppel Hill Reservoir, first walk towards Keppel Hill Road or drive towards Wishart Road. Follow the signs towards Joaquim Garden & Landscape and follow the arrows. When you reach the road with two junctions, one slope towards the House of Numbers. 11, go the other way towards the reservoir. It’s a man-made trail in this jungle area, be careful as you cross the drain through a narrow concrete girder and you’re there!

These magical, secluded waters can make you feel like you’re not in Singapore for a while. But don’t try to get in the water. The reservoir is a catchment area on Keppel Hill with a depth of about 2m and a short length of 20m. Since it was not sustainable as a water source, it was abandoned. From earlier surveys in 1905, this reservoir has been a small source of water for the inhabitants of the area.

It was also used as a swimming pool, and you can still see the remains of the diving platform and the terraces. Be careful because many British and local soldiers have drowned in the past.

Enjoy the tranquility of this forgotten reservoir life, which can be visited by curious explorers these days.

Seah Im Bunker

Although little is known about the origin of the Seah Im Bunker hidden at Keppel Hill, it was likely built before World War II. The secret bunker can be used as a place to store wartime equipment and ammunition or even as a place for prisoners of war (POWs).

Like the Keppel Hill reservoir, the existence of the Seah Im Bunker was gradually forgotten and covered with wild vegetation until it was rediscovered in recent years.

The entrance to the Seah Im bunker is only 1 meter high. After passing the Kapok tree and walking a short distance on the trail, the bunker will be in sight. The inside of the tunnel is about 2.5 meters high.

Since it is completely dark and the passageway is narrow, it is best to use a headlamp or phone flashlight for safety. Since this is also a forested area, be sure to apply mosquito repellent before visiting the bunker.

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