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Journey to discover 5 Balkan countries

by Victoria

The Balkans, also known as the Balkan Peninsula, are a geographic area in southeastern Europe. Balkan peninsula includes Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Romania,… – with all or part of each country within the peninsula.The Balkan peninsula has long been a mysterious place, always attracting tourists by the beauty it brings. Here, visitors will have the opportunity to find legendary land with ancient stories, to interesting natural lands from nature. 

1. Hungary – The heart of Europe 

The first country of this journey is Hungary, visitors will visit the capital Budapest dubbed the heart of Europe. In this capital, the National Assembly building with ancient architecture is one of the symbols and pride of the Hungarian people. Take a moment to enjoy local cuisine, especially the famous foie gras pâté that is exported to all over Europe.

Hungary Tour - In Heart Of Europe | TravelsMantra

2. Croatia – Precious gem of Balkan

The second country of this journey, Croatia, has a very attractive natural beauty. You will see firsthand the beauty of Dubronvnik’s old town with its Catholic churches, museums, and unique eateries. Going along with it is an interesting feature because the whole neighborhood has hundreds of cats everywhere, moving on the marble walls. Don’t forget to visit the two iconic churches here. Croatia’s tallest St. Stephan Church and the most magnificent Gothic-style Zagreb Church in the Balkans.

Old Town in Dubrovnik, Croatia - YouTube
Dubronvnik’s old town
Beautiful Churches of Croatia | Croatia Week
Zagreb Church

3. Montenegro – An old place of Eastern Europe

Montenegro's turnaround: Outcomes and prospects - Modern Diplomacy

Montenegro will be the next stop in the journey to explore the Balkans. This country is attractive for its ancientness, beauty and charm. Although less known, this place will overwhelm you by the green beach of over two thousand years Budva, majestic mountains and diverse cultural and historical sites such as Kotor Square, Holy Church Triphun … Here you can try the local dish of ham and cheese at a cafe near the top of San Giovanni Castle.

Budva | Montenegro Travel Guide | Rough Guides

4. Macedonia – The homeland of Alexander the Great

Visiting the Macedonian capital Skopje, visitors can visit the historical image of Alexander the Great, having conquered the entire world, taking pictures at Macedonia Square, Daut-inspired monuments or stopping by Skopje Stone Bridge. There is also the resort city of Ohrid with many churches built between the 9th to 14th centuries such as the Church of St. Sofia, St. Kliment and you can also visit the ancient Roman theater built in the year 200 BC.

Deplinthing a potentate - The tricky politics of tearing down statues of  Alexander the Great | Europe | The Economist

5. Greece – The country of legendary

The last country of this trip is Greece and we will go to the northern port city of Thessaloniki to admire the beauty of the Roman temple built in 306 is considered the oldest religious architecture. . Besides, the White Tower of Thessaloniki is the symbol of this city and is also a historical witness from the 12th century under the Ottoman Empire.

Greece | Earth Trekkers

If you are a history lover or you like finding old values, The Balkans with mysterious destinations is one of the lists you cannot ignore. Just only small streets, old churches, these are the living witnesses of time, traveling with many generations and still exists till today.

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