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Inside the hotel is made entirely of ice in Sweden

by Victoria

Every year since 1989, Icehotel has rebuilt and created a new design, entirely using ice and snow in the village of Jukkasjarvi and the Torne River, just over 200 kilometers from the Arctic Circle. Icehotel has two parts: hotels, which are rebuilt annually and Icehotel 365, which is open year round. Although not able to welcome guests widely, this year Icehotel still created many new designs and opened a virtual reality tour for everyone to admire.

This year, the artists creating an Icehotel 31 hotel with special rooms will be kept until April 11, 2021 (the time of thawing). Icehotel will have 6 additional ice suites and a ceremony room built in the “frozen forest” to hold intimate weddings or anniversaries. In addition to a practical experience, other visitors can explore the hotel on an interactive tour.

This is a suite called Toybox located in Icehotel 365 designed by Wouter Biegelaar and Viktor Tsarski.

And here is a very sophisticated ice sculpture located in the Strawberry suite, created by artists Petter Stordalen, Edith Van de Wetering and Wilfred Stijger.

Icehotel 31 Hotel is created and designed by 24 Swedish artists throughout the year. This hand-picking fruit is part of Tjasa Gusfors’ and Ulrika Tallving’s Vila Vid Denna Kalla.

Besides the ice hotel rebuilt every year, there is still Icehotel 365, an ice hotel that maintains the year. This is a deluxe room in Icehotel 365, the decorations are conceptualized by Julia Gamborg Nielsen and Lotta Lampa.

Inside the ceremony room has a decorative theme of “frozen forest”, where a small wedding or anniversary is held, bringing an intimate and cozy atmosphere.

Another handcrafted standout sculpture is the dinosaur statue of Kestutis and Vytautas Musteikis. The work is located in a deluxe room called Dreaming in a Dream.

Each room has a QR code for visitors to scan to hear the instructions and stories after each art project.

Pictured is room A Break works by artists Lena Kristrom and Nina Hedman.

Unique design using human parts of two artists Elisabeth Kristensen and Dave Ruane in the room You are Here

Icehotel’s creative director, Luca Roncoroni, said: “The pandemic forced us to think differently. The 31st edition of Icehotel will be a memorable one.24 Swedish artists have come up with the ideas. The decoration dazzles visitors, impressive enough for them to escape the reality that is going on for the year.

The design of the world’s “coldest” sauna by artist Luca Roncoroni.

For guests who cannot come to the Icehotel experience, they can visit by watching a 360 degree virtual reality tour of the hotel on Instagram.

“Obviously a lot of people want to travel and we try to think of how to bring our experience as close as possible to them,” said Malin Frack, Icehotel’s chief executive. virtual reality Icehotel 31 hotel is completed and introduced to world tourists on 21/12/20.

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