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Immerse yourself in the drink paradise in Malaysia

by Victoria

Discovering Malaysian cuisine, people often pay attention to delicious dishes and attractive specialties, but forget about the famous drinks here. This will be really regrettable, because the drinks here also bring extremely interesting cultural meanings. Here is a list of delicious drinks in Malaysia is most loved.

Enjoy nutmeg juice

What water should drink when coming to Malaysia? Nutmeg juice is a great suggestion. Although this name is not known by many tourists, it is a popular drink of the people here, especially in Penang. According to the people, nutmeg juice not only helps refreshment, but also is very effective in preventing mosquito bites. Because after drinking this water, mosquitoes will not dare to come near you. And to buy this kind of water, you can go to small markets, local markets in Penang that sell a lot.

Nước ép hạt nhục khấu - Đồ uống ngon ở Malaysia

Enjoy Milo Ais water

Among the delicious drinks in Malaysia, Milo Ais water is the favorite drink of the people here. Milo Ais, also known as Ice Milo water, is often used at breakfast to replace fast meals, because of its high nutritional content, good for health. Although this is not a special drink in Malaysia, but if you can enjoy it once to appreciate the difference.

Nước Milo Ais - Đồ uống ngon ở Malaysia

Enjoy Ipoh White Coffee

If you are a fan of coffee, Ipoh White Coffee is the ‘premium’ drink for you. This coffee is produced in the nineteenth century, originating in China, but when it was migrated to Ipoh it became a traditional drink in Malaysia.

Although it is called white coffee, it is not white coffee. Which here means pure, unmixed coffee. To create white coffee, coffee is only roasted with butter, not adding any other ingredients, so when brewing, the color is lighter, but the taste is darker due to the pure flavor. And to enjoy a better white coffee, Malaysians often add it with a little milk.

Cà phê trắng Ipoh White Coffee - Đồ uống ngon ở Malaysia

Enjoy tea Teh Tarik

To be able to discover all the delicious drinks in Malaysia, please put Teh Tarik tea in your culinary discovery notebook. Basically this is a popular, popular tea, made from black tea, sugar, milk, … but when mixed up, it creates an attractive aroma that is hard to resist. Especially, to refresh the taste, now Teh Tarik tea has 3 more flavors for diners to choose which are: Traditional taste, coffee and matcha. With a price of only about 300k / bag, there are many packages inside. With Teh Tarik tea you not only enjoy, but also can choose as gifts when traveling to Malaysia is also very meaningful.

Trà Teh Tarik - Đồ uống ngon ở Malaysia

Enjoy a Bandung drink

On hot summer days, if you can get a cool bandung, there’s nothing better. Bandung drink is also known as Air Bandung or Sirap Bandung, this is the most famous drink in Malaysia for its eye-catching taste and color. Because to create Bandung water, people will use milk and rose Siro for processing. Despite its simplicity, the sweet, cool taste, blending with the seductive scent of roses, makes anyone who has ever drank it will love it. It is known that in the past, Bandung drink had a similar color to coffee, but feared that customers would confuse it with other Malaysian beverages, rose Siro was added to color, as well as refresh the scent. And luckily, right after the Bandung drink variation has received a lot of support, compared to the old Bandung version. Therefore, the brand ‘Bandung’ is also more and more popular.

Nước Bandung - Đồ uống ngon ở Malaysia

Enjoy traditional rice wine

Coming to Malaysia without tasting rice wine here, it is considered that you have not fully discovered the culinary quintessence here. Because it is not only a delicious drink in Malaysia but also a traditional drink, indispensable in family meals. The rice wine here is also processed by fermentation and distillation, but the flavor radiates a strong, distinct flavor. And also that creates an attraction for diners when coming to Malaysia.

Rượu gạo - Đồ uống ngon ở Malaysia

Milk tea in Malaysia

Probably the best drink in Malaysia and a favorite drink of young people. Although it is not a special drink, but it is always the choice of many visitors. There are many different brands of milk tea, but the most famous are: Koi Milk Tea, Gong Cha Milk Tea, Alley Milk Tea, Royaltea Milk Tea, Tealive Milk Tea, Chatime, Regiustea,…. Come to enjoy and appreciate the difference compared with milk tea in other places.

Trà sữa - Đồ uống ngon ở Malaysia

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