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Immerse yourself in paradise islands of the Seribu

by Victoria

Strangely there is such a cluster of pristine islands located near the busy Indonesian capital Jakarta, the Seribu archipelago with islands of paradise soaked in the sunshine and rare, unspoiled cool waters.

“Kepulauan Seribu” literally means archipelago thousand, this is the name given to many tropical islands scattered in Jakarta Bay. But very few people know that there are exactly 110 islands, which together form an area that includes the Pulau Seribu National Marine Park in Jakarta province. This cluster of islands forms a tourist getaway from just a half hour to three hour boat ride from the northern coast of Jakarta city.

Quần đảo Seribu Indonesia

Here, only about 20,000 people live on 11 islands, while all other islands are uninhabited, privately owned or a limited nature reserve. The islands are a snorkeling paradise and water sports playground in particular for residents of urban cities. During the holidays, domestic tourists flock to the islands to have fun in the sun on these islands. Here is a list of great islands to explore and have fun with as a whole family, starting from the closest ones to the outermost ones.

Pulau Bidadari

Pulau Bidadari is the island closest to the Marina Ancol ferry and just a 30-minute boat ride away, where you can instantly enjoy the photogenic site of the Martello fortress, built in the 17th century. Magical collection of rare plants that grow naturally on its fertile soil. There are Peace trees (baringtoniaexelsa), Sentigi trees (pempisacidula), blackwood trees (diospyrosmaritama), fruit trees and mangroves that are excellent resources for research and understanding in the Seribu Islands. The floating houses are a favorite place to spend your vacation on the island, relax and soak up in the sand. Don’t miss out to enjoy delicious local seafood caught in the clear blue waters.

Đảo Pulau Bidadari - Quần đảo Seribu Indonesia

Pulau Ayer

Pulau Ayer Resort offers guests the choice of resorting to small floating country houses or on land in villas designed in traditional Papua details. The resort was developed in the 1950s and is the resort of Indonesia’s first President, Soekarno. It has all kinds of resort facilities such as restaurants, video games, karaoke, playgrounds, sports grounds and large swimming pools, this is one of the exciting water sports activities to try. on this island. Located only about 25 minutes from Marina Ancol, the island is one of the favorite destinations for families and large gatherings.

Khu nghỉ dưỡng Pulau Ayer - Quần đảo Seribu Indonesia

Pulau Onrust

Pulau Onrust is a small island that hides a historic Dutch fortress and other monuments from Dutch colonial times and now functions as a museum of the Seribu Islands. The history of the island dates back to the 1800s and during that time, it has changed many times, from an important shipyard of the Dutch East India Company, VOC, to a weather station, an institute. A nursing home, a Hajj quarantine facility, and even a prison for notorious criminals. Therefore the island also retains many traces according to its long history.

Đảo Pulau Onrust - Quần đảo Seribu Indonesia

Pulau Tidung

Spend your weekend on the beautiful Pulau Tidung island with the famous Love Bridge or Jembatan Cinta, an 800 meter long bridge that connects the small Tidung Island with the great Tidung. Legend has it that its name is Bridge of Love as a symbol of your eternal hope to find your true love on this path. This bridge is also the perfect spot to capture your majestic diving into the clear ocean. You can rent a bike to cycle around and socialize with the enthusiastic locals in their open house.

Lặn với ống thở trên đảo Pulau Tidung - Quần đảo Seribu Indonesia

Pulau Paris

Today Pulau Paris has become a new developing destination in the Indonesian Seribu Islands. Although a relatively short distance from Marina Ancol, it has a complete island atmosphere. First hop on a traditional fishing boat to cruise around the island, the calm white beach, few waves will pat you down. There’s even a site called Virgin Sands known for its unspoiled charm. A research facility has also been established here to study seaweed. Don’t miss the Sun Hill or Bukit Matahari, the hot spot for amazing skies, where the sun rises and sets down in pristine waters where it’s simply magical!

Tham gia các trò chơi dưới nước trên đảo Pulau Pari - Quần đảo Seribu Indonesia

Most of the islands can be reached by speedboat departing from Marina Ancol. Ancol, an entertainment complex with complex facilities such as Dufan Theme Park, Atlantis Waterboom, adventure games, an eco park, and much more. Getting to Ancol is best to rent a car, taxi or bus to TransJakarta.

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