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Immerse with the atmosphere of The Carnival De Quebec – The biggest winter carnival in Canada

by Chloe

Not only attract tourists to museum art, splendid shopping stalls, winter in Quebec is also famous for its majestic gatherings.

The ultimate guide to enjoying the Quebec Winter Carnival

In winter, the ice in Canada is densely covered everywhere and the snowy weather in Quebec makes the city “fiery” a white color, but the locals are very eager to wait for their “miss” Winter with an unique cultural carnival.

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For more than half a century, during the coldest month of winter, Quebec returned to greet a special guest: The Bonhomme Snowman – winter’s goodwill messenger. Every year, just like Santa Claus at Christmas, Snowman returns and kicks off the world’s biggest Winter Carnival.

Anyone who once visited Quebec exactly in Winter Carnival will never forget the feeling of being immersed in the cold of nature instead of having to crouch in warm blankets or thick coats, because the festival atmosphere makes you always feel warm.

The 10 Coolest Things to Do at the Québec Winter Carnival

The carnival is usually held in late January and early February every year and lasts for 17 days. During the festival period, Snowmen will appear everywhere with lots of fun activities. At the entrance to the festival, behind the snow-pines is the magical Winter Palace. This is a work built entirely of ice and snow by talented artists, decorated into a unique artwork that you will not find anywhere else on the planet.

Discover Québec Winter Carnival | Visit Québec City

The main venue of the festival is held on the plains of Abraham with one of the exciting activities is the International Snow Carving Competition. This contest shows the creativity and talent of sculptors on sophisticated ice works.

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After enjoying the ice structures, you can also try snow fishing on the frozen lake.

Quebec Winter Activities That Make It Hard to Hate the Cold

In addition, visitors can ride a horse cart, sled dog, design and work with ice and snow works, participate in other exciting shows and discover and enjoy the winter.

The ultimate guide to enjoying the Quebec Winter Carnival

Snow bathing is also one of the highlights of the carnival. This activity represents the immortality of the carnival and the ability of the Quebec people to withstand the rigors of weather.

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However, the story of snow bathing is not for tourists with a history of cardiovascular disease and those who “suffer from cold,” so visitors need to think carefully before deciding to participate in this unique activities.

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In case you don’t want to play risky games, don’t worry, head straight to the food courts which is selling many kind of delicious foods than can warm up your cold feeling. You can choose to enjoy different street food dishes from fried potatoes with the thick sauce on top called Poutine, deep fried bread which is cover with sprinkles and sweet sauce from strawberry jam to chocolates or more interestingly, you can experience to make your own a lollipop of maple syrup – maple taffy on a freezing cold ice bed.

Quebec City, Canada, Ice Palace at night on Winter Carnival

At night, when the Winter Palace shines brightly, the festival’s activities continue to take place with a magical space in the suburbs. Stop by Parc de la Chute – where the Montmorency waterfall is located, about 12 km from Quebec city center. During the winter, this 83-meter-high waterfall is almost frozen, creating a magical, extraordinary beauty. After that, you can rent a sled, always waiting at the foot of Saint Anne Mountain, to explore the “winter night world” of this North America. The majestic Mount Saint Anne, about 30 minutes east of Quebec City, is a favorite spot for both professional and amateur skiers.

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The Carnival De Quebec is scheduled to occur in 2021 from February 5 to 14 with additional safety measures put in place.

Quebec Winter Carnival 2021 - Rad Season

Taking place more than half a month, the Quebec Winter Carnival is sure to bring joy to the unique locals as Bonhemme Snowmen are everywhere. Don’t forget to bring your camera to record your images with this special Snowman!

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