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Ideal destination for football fans around the world

by Victoria

Football is known to be one of the most beloved sports, so it is known as the king sport of mankind. From big tournaments such as “World Cup”, “Euro”, “Asian Cup” “Cup C1” to the domestic leagues, have received special attention from millions of fans around the world. Let’s explore the top 10 cities of this sport.


Liverpool football club, the champion of “ChampionLeague 2019” has a lot of achievements in football competitions such as the UEFA Cup or the FA Cup. Meanwhile, Everton, despite not having as many outstanding titles as Liverpool, still keeps “form” as a club that has a foothold, at least in the English Premier League. If you come to Liverpool because you love football, you will not miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in the atmosphere before and in the exciting matches of the Liverpool team at Anfield Road stadium.


As the capital with a long history and culture of Great Britain, London is considered as the ideal destination for tourists. However, as a hard fan of football, you can still explore popular football teams here such as Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham, West Ham, and Crystal Palace, familiar names with outstanding “players” and extremely impressive stadiums.


If you are going to Madrid, make a schedule to watch Real Mandrid’s football match. Although Ronaldo, the team’s golden player is no longer with his Real Madrid teammates, the team still has many other talents including Eden Hazard, Casemiro, Luka Modric, and Gareth Bale. If you have time, let’s add another very famous Madrid team in La Liga, Atletico Madrid.


Are you in Madrid, Spain? So what are you waiting for without hunting for a very cheap flight to Barcelona. This will be a worthy destination for you to see the beautiful beauty of La Rambla, La Sagrada Familia, Park Guell, and Casa Batllo … and of course, find a match at Camp Nou and witness with your own eyes ” Golden star of the football village ”Barcelona, ​​Messi.

Rio de Janeiro

Referring to Brazil without mentioning football is a huge omission. Come to Rio de Janeiro and you will know how much Brazilian people love and “love” football. In the atmosphere of a football game here, there will be “heaven” moments that you have never imagined.


The city of Milan is associated with a series of programs “Milan Fashion Week” which is powerful and cult, but for football fans, mentioning Milan is referring to two famous football teams: Inter Milan and AC Milan. Many talented players in the world have joined these teams and if you have the chance to be present in the tough soccer of these two teams, make sure you sit in the right place on the stage. Surely you won’t want to cheer for Inter, but sit in the stands for the AC audience, right?


FC Bayern Munich, the most successful German football team in history playing at home Munich. They won five Champions League trophies for themselves as well as recorded a historic feat by beating Manchester United 2-1 in the final moments of the match. Perhaps that is why the matches of Bayern Munich are always filled with cheers, cheers and drama. Remember to “recharge” full of energy before the game to “burn” your best.


Not far from Liverpool, England, take the time to visit the city of crazy football clubs and “fans” – Manchester, and many will immediately think of Manchester United. How can you ignore a team with a huge “star” like David Beckham or Wayne Rooney with great achievements in the Champion League arena or the English Premier League (EPL) … However, please pay more attention to another city team that is also on the verge of striving to achieve certain achievements and fame – Team Manchester City.

Los Angeles

As a football enthusiast, you may not think about Los Angeles because it is still thought to be the “capital” of basketball and baseball. So let’s find out right away about LA Galaxy, football is considered “the most expensive” in the American professional football league (MLS). The “stars” cult in the profession like David Beckham or Zlatan Ibrahimovic also played for LA Galaxy. Therefore, if you can attend a football team here, you will be amazed with the knowledge and passion of the American people passionate about football.


Paris – a paradise for those who love to explore, many things to do, many places to see and many interesting things to “surprise”. But if you come here for football, immediately reward yourself with a soccer game At Le Parc des Princes. This is the roof of the city’s “best” team, Paris Saint-Germain with names in the “superstar” row like Neymar or Kylian Mbappe. Although not winning many glorious victories like many other European clubs, if you have come here, definitely should not miss this “value” match.

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