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Human toe cocktails and the weirdest drinks on the planet

by Chloe

Many drinks that make people who do not even taste are panicked by their unattractive appearance or using difficult to swallow ingredients such as tuna tears, some looks like smoothie but it turns out not. Let’s check out what are they and do they taste.

Cocktail Sourtoe (Canada)

do uong kinh di tren trai dat anh 1

Born in 1973, the challenge of drinking a cocktail at the Downtown Hotel bar has become a delightful tradition in Dawson. The real human toes have been dried and salted and dropped into the wine of choice.

do uong kinh di tren trai dat anh 2

The toe is believed to have belonged to a miner named Louie Liken. In the 1920s, his toes were frozen and a friend helped him amputate it to avoid gangrene. They put this toe in a jar of wine as a souvenir. About 50 years later, Dick Stevenson found the toe jar while cleaning a cabin. He brought the jar down to Dawson City and put his toes in someone’s cup brave enough to try it.

Tongba (Nepal)

File:Tongba - Millet Brew from Sikkim.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Tongba is a drink made from whole millet, popular in Nepal. Before it becomes a special drink, millet must be fermented for several weeks. What attracts most visitors is the way to enjoy Tongba.

How the Nepali Alcoholic Beverage Chyang Is Made? "Nepali Rice Water" |  Nepal food, Alcoholic drinks, Nepal travel

After fermentation, a small wooden tube, called Tongba, is added to the fermentation process, then boiled and waited to settle. The straw will help you separate the water and millet while enjoying. When drinking, visitors can continue to pour boiling water and enjoy more. The drinking process ends when you can no longer feel anything but warm water.

Tuna tears (Korea)

do uong kinh di tren trai dat anh 5

If you come to the kimchi land, you will easily encounter a famous drink called soju. In addition to the traditional taste, Koreans also like to mix soju compared to many other drinks to create highlights. They even mixed soju with tuna tears. People take the filter directly in the eyes of small tuna into the wine to create a drink similar to jelly, with a special flavor.

Boza (Bulgaria and Caucuses)

Boza: The Healthy Heavyweight Albanian Take on a Refreshing Drink - Into  Albania

At first, you might think this drink is a kind of smoothie, but it isn’t, it is a drink made from corn and fermented flour which has a sweet and sour taste. According to some studies, the bacteria in boza are very good for the gut.

do uong kinh di tren trai dat anh 8

Although it counts as an alcoholic drink, it is still great for children and pregnant women. An obstetrician said, when pregnant women take boza will help increase breast milk supply. “We were very excited and surprised to know that this drink can make breasts bigger,” she said.

Kava (Fiji)

Kava Kava: Benefits, Side Effects and Dosage

Kava is an important drink in Fiji’s rituals and special occasions. To make this drink, people pound a pepper into a powder and mix with water. Diane Selkirk, a Canadian writer and photographer, attended a ceremony while traveling in Fiji. Selkirk tried kava and shared: “This dish makes me feel happy and excited. My tongue is completely paralyzed”. Visitors should be cautious before deciding to enjoy kava.

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