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Horror dishes in China that can make you scream!

by Chloe

With its long life culture, China always blow up the mind of people in other country in the world with their most horror and abnormal cuisine. For most of people came around China, they might have to scream out loud whenever they see these kind of below dishes. Let’s discover with us!

1. Stinky tofu

Stinky Tofu Dish Taipei Markets - Life is Suite

For the people who doesn’t familiar with the stinky smell of fermented tofu will think this dish has a smell of flesh taste with really bad smell. However, Chinese said, the stinkiest tofu is, the more delicious it is. Though stinky tofu is a street food, it takes high techniques to make.

To make that stinky smell, Chinese soak white tofu in a sauce made of milk, cabbage and meat in about 6 months. Besides, they also add dried shrimp, bamboo shoot green mustard and herbs for better flavor.

2. Yin and yang fish

This dish does not show the yin and yang between the ingredients it is made from but the way they make it. To make this dish, the chef has to ensure that the body of the fish is golden fried while it still breath and its mouth is still yawning to meet the standards.

As a dish is originated in Taiwan and some region in China, people believe that the “half-alive” fish are full of nutrition and this will help enjoyers absorb full essence of the fish. Opposing to the brutal process, it is a really an eye-catching dish with light and tender fish meat mix with the fresh herbs then dipping in the savory sauce of China.

3. Crispy fried cockroach

Những món ăn côn trùng kinh dị không phải ai cũng dám thử, đặc sản Việt Nam  cũng góp mặt trong đó

Have you ever thought about eating a cockroach? If you want to try, then go to China right away!

Cockroach brings so many annoying, however, in China, they even create a number of cockroach farms. In these farms, you can try this crispy fried cockroach. Don’t hesitate because it is made from cockroach, it has the same taste as fried potatoes with a buttery flavor under the crunchy skin.

4. Grilled centipede

Đặc sản rết nướng ở Trung Quốc, nghe tên thôi đã thấy rùng mình

At first look, centipede will make you scream out loud, however, Chinese skew it on a stick and grilled it like a barbeque. You can find this abnormal dish in almost every night market in China, it has spicy, a little bitter flavor.

5. Fried scorpions

Những món ngon “ta là cung bọ cạp” khiến dân nhậu mê tít | Bài viết |  Foody.vn

Another abnormal ingredient to make food – scorpions, people in China chose different size and age scorpions then marinated them with spices.

Totally differ from it appearance, it tastes like popcorn but with chili fleck.

6. Fried grasshoppers

Thái Lan: Côn trùng được phục vụ tại khách sạn 5 sao như đặc sản - VietTimes

Want to eat fried chicken but have none, try fried grasshoppers instead. With the taste just familiar with fried chicken, fried grasshoppers have a number of nutrition that good for your health.

7. Tong zi dan eggs

Rùng mình" món trứng luộc nước tiểu bé trai được coi như... vị thuốc | Báo  Dân trí

Basically, this kind of eggs is eggs are boiled in the pee of 11-year-old boys.

At the beginning of the spring, people in Dongyang, Zhejiang Sheng will collect the pee of these boys from primary school then boil the eggs in pee in 1 day 1 night to meet the standard tong zi dan eggs.

Chinese believe that this dish will help you stay away from catching cold and also increase mental strength, however, there is no medical evidences to proof for that.

8. Hasma

10 Gruesome Dishes To Eat On Halloween Scarier Than Any Haunted House -  EatBook.sg - New Singapore Restaurant and Street Food Ideas &  Recommendations

Hasma is a famous desert in Jilin, Liaoning, made from dry fatty tissue around the frog’s fallopian tubes, it has a sweet but flavor. Hasma is served as a soup and it has a therapeutic effect.

9. San zhi er

8 Animals Eaten Alive in China - Graphic Content - China Underground

San zhi er is also famous for the name “3 scream”. This is considered to be the most horror and brutal of the weirdest dishes around the world.

The ingredients to make this dish will scare you, it is made from early birth mice. Before ready to cook, these mice are forced to eat honey to sweeten their meat, then served alive on a plate. This dish represents the extreme panic of the newborn mice when it is placed in the mouth of the eater.

10. Monkey brain

Eating Adventure: Does monkey's brain make you clever?

Monkey brain is a horror dish born during Queen Tu Hy era. This queen was usually served this dish to her foreign guests in a banquet. The monkey brain has entered the history of Chinese horror food. When eating this dish, a live monkey was brought, with an ax cut across its head. Then, they will pour ginseng on that part of the brain to make the brain ripe. The guests will take a spoon to scoop the hot exposed brain to eat.

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