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Honest-to-goodness experiences in Moscow, Russia

by Victoria

Known as the 5th largest city in the world, where there are magnificent works combined with traditional culture. The peaceful rivers, lavish boulevards or tree-lined streets will make people ecstatic to this place. So where to go when you set foot in Moscow?

Meet Annamaria, she is “The pharmacist with the suitcase”, an Italian pharmacist who is also a travel influencer and video maker. She started traveling abroad at the age of 10 and since then she never stopped. Always curious and adventurous, she visited more or less 40 countries, the majority of them as a solo traveler. She created an instagram account on which she gives advice about where to travel and how to organize the trip to those destinations. Later, she started uploading travel documentaries on her YouTube channel where she tells the story of the places she visits. Over there you can learn about the Traditions, customs, history, art and food of those countries. When you can travel, or when you are planning to go somewhere, having a look at her pages can be pretty useful! Follow her on the journey to discover the Russian capital in the video below

Places to visit and things to do in Moscow are recommended by Annamaria

“I reached Moscow by train leaving from Saint Petersburg and already this is actually an adventure I would highly recommend to you. Traveling on the Trans-Siberian railway is something pretty special because this experience allows you to get closer to locals and their Traditions. Spending many hours on a train with Russians will give you the nice opportunity of observing how they enjoy their time during the trip, what they eat and what they do. I still remember how cold it was in Moscow, snow was everywhere. I even found myself in a snow storm, like in one of those old movies which tell you about that land” – She said 

“It was the perfect weather for those beautiful ice installations that were displayed not far from the Red Square. Talking about the Red Square… what an unforgettable place! Those grand buildings placed as if they are ready to welcome and embrace you, a tiny visitor from far, seriously make you feel the magnificence of Russia.”

Annamaria added “The Kremlin is another place that will leave you totally breathless, like the skill of all the talented ice skaters that perform on ice the most famous and beautiful ballets, of course all of them written by Russian composers.”

“If you are an art lover, you can’t miss a visit to the Tretyakovskaya gallery. Over there you will be amazed by the never ending beauty of all the paintings that are displayed. All of them are from Russian artists. Also if I adore art and I’m always reading about it, I must admit my ignorance concerning the Russian offer. I would have never imagined this country had so many talented artists and going to this museum I lived for sure one of the most enriching moments of the whole trip.”

“Another unforgettable experience that Moscow can offer you is the typical banja. There’s nothing better than this to get recovered from the freezing cold of the Russian winter. Did you know that people in Russia are used to go to these spas where they have nice saunas, freezing baths, once again scorching saunas and finally a hot meal while they chit chat in their bathrobe with the other people who enjoyed the same treatment? A good trip to Russia has to include the banja, so if you go to Moscow, don’t miss it!” 

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