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Heart Lake in Dubai – Interesting place for couples

by Victoria

Dubai is one of the most beautiful cities in the world when it possesses many unique and creative large-scale buildings and architectures such as: the tallest building in the world, artificial archipelago of palm trees, the hotel has Underwater restaurants … And the heart-shaped lake in Dubai is also one of the extremely outstanding destinations that visitors should not miss when coming here.

Hồ trái tim ở Dubai ‘view đẹp quên sầu'

About the heart lake in Dubai

The heart lake in Dubai is also known as the lake of love and the foreign name is Love Lake. This is an artificial lake consisting of two looking for nuggets in the Al Qudra oasis. With an area of ​​up to 55,000 square meters, visitors can see the typical shape of this place through satellite maps.

Currently, Love Lake artificial lake in Dubai has become a favorite place attracting thousands of tourists to visit. Travel distance to the lake is relatively far, isolated from urban areas, but the lake is surrounded by desert system that looks like a miniature oasis. Outside the heart-shaped lake area, there will be hundreds of thousands of shrubs with about 16,000 trees and thousands of colorful flowers. All have been rearranged in a heart shape to form the word “Love”.

Hồ trái tim ở Dubai đẹp nên thơ

It can be said that the lake of love has become one of the favorite choices of travelers in the Middle East. And to appreciate the romantic beauty of the lake, visitors should watch the lake with a view of at least 50m above the ground.

And you can use the sightseeing service by drone or by helicopter but of course you must have an operating license.

Although it just appeared in November 2018, Love Lake artificial lake has really become a remarkable destination and attracts many tourists right after the Crown Prince of Dubai, Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum divided Share a photo of the heart lake on your personal Instagram account with the cute ‘Send all of you’ message.

Location of Dubai Love Lake

Love Lake in Dubai is located near the Al Quadra Lake area. When you travel, you’ll find the Al Quadra desert camping site and the Al Quadra cycling track.

Làm thế nào để đến được hồ trái tim ở Dubai

How to get to the heart lake?

To reach the heart lake in Dubai, travel east down to Umm Suqeim and towards Al Qudra Lakes. You will then pass through Studio Dubai city on the right and Arab ranch on the left.

Continue down Umm Suqeim and through the Emirates (E611) route until you reach the Al Qudra roundabout near the cycling track. Then go straight, go straight to the 2nd roundabout.

At the 3rd roundabout you will see the appearance of the bicycle shop Trek – turn left. Then at the next roundabout right in front of the Dubai Endurance Stable then turn right.

Keep moving straight then turn left. From this path you will move in the direction of terrain and towards the last lake of Al Qudra. Like that you have set foot in the heart lake already.

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