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Have you ever tried fresh ahi tuna on 700-degree lava rock?

by Chloe

There are many ways to enjoy fresh tuna, you can cook or eat sashimi, but these ways sound so normal, then, try out this new way – grilled tuna on a 700-degree lava rock.

At Ko restaurant in Maui, Hawaii, the chef has found one interesting way to eat fresh tuna – cooking it on a super hot rock.

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“We always try to feature indigenous ingredients, Hawaiian grown”, said Chef Tylun Pang.

They start with a 12-ounce sashimi-grade ahi tuna, cut it into small pieces and plug in a wooden fork so that you can’t get burn when you grill the tuna on hot lava rock.

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Ishiyaki rock

The tuna is marinated with local spices like chili flake and black sesame seed then it is put on a lava rock named ishiyaki which is a kind of Japanese stone, the rock is heated up to 700 degree on fire first then is put into a small bowl of spices.

When eating, you just need to take a skew of tuna then sear the chunks to your liking then dipping it into savory orange-miso sauce.

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“We think this dish has become a signature because of its unique presentations. Nothing like a hot, searing stone coming to your table and you get to cook it yourself” the chef said.

So what about you, do you want to try out this dish. Don’t forget to get in touch with us to get more information about interesting places, cultures and of course foods.

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