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Have you ever heard of the largest annual cultural event in East Africa?

by Victoria

The Festival of the Dhow Countries is currently the largest annual cultural event in East Africa, and is among the eight major festivals in sub-Saharan Africa. The festival celebrates the arts and culture of the African Continent, India, Pakistan, the Gulf countries, Iran and the islands of the Indian Ocean. It features international film and video competitions, music, theater and performing arts, workshops, seminars, conferences and other related arts and cultural programs.

Event venue: Zanzibar

Zanzibar is an archipelago of just over 50 islands in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Tanzania. The most well known islands in this group are Zanzibar Island (also known as Unguja) and Pemba Island. The capital of Zanzibar is Stone Town on Unguja Island.

Stone Town which was carved from coralline rock in the 19th century is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a center for Swahili culture. You can soak up the historic atmosphere while walking along the winding alleyways and admiring the magnificent doors of many Arabic dwellings. Although architectural restoration is a central issue, this is still a living city with colorful markets, mosques and interesting sites to visit.

Festival of the Dhow countries – Zanzibar

The organization behind the event is the Zanzibar International Film Festival, established in 1997 to promote economic and social growth through the development of the film industry and related cultural efforts. another in this area. Zanzibar is a deep and vibrant historical center, a place where the energy of the festival is miniaturized.

Dhow was chosen to represent this multicultural celebration for what it stands for – tradition and tourism. The Dhow is an Arab sailing ship that has been widely used for shipping and trade along Africa’s Indian Ocean coast.

This elegant craft with single sail has a historical and cultural significance. Communication and travel links have been created between countries and an identity is created using this ship. For many, Dhow represents a great journey into adventure.

The Experience

The Festival of the Dhow Countries is an annual event and is currently one of the biggest events in East Africa. Arts and culture from Africa, the Indian Ocean archipelago, Gulf countries, Iran and India are showcased at the festival. The event is usually held in the first 2 weeks of July and each year has a specific theme.

Attendees can enjoy conferences, seminars and seminars among art performances including music and theater programs. The festival program includes special features, activities and discussions around the role of film in rural communities, issues of women plus children and the development of youth. The main highlight is the introduction of movie and video features that have a contest.

The event took place at various locations around the waterfront of Stone Town on Zanzibar Island. The final night of the event was dedicated to the Zanzibar International Film Festival Awards Ceremony and shows short films produced during the workshop.

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