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Have you ever heard about Horned Melon?

by Chloe

If you accidentally see this melon, you will definitely be attracted by it because it has a very peculiar shape with spikes growing out of the skin. Unlike cucumbers, unlike watermelon, or melon, perhaps this melon inherits a few characteristics, so it looks familiar but also very new.

Kiwano Horned Fruit: Growing Tips And Info On Caring For Jelly Melons

This fruit is known as Kiwano or also known as horned melon. This is a fruit native to Africa, especially the Kalahari desert because this melon can grow well without too much water.

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The kiwano tree belongs to a vine trees group like vine or cucumber plant. Meanwhile, the Kiwano fruit is smaller in size than a watermelon, but larger than a cucumber and has an elongated rather than a round shape. In particular, the peel of Kiwano fruit has a very bright red-orange color and is very prominent. On the orange peel appears many spikes evenly distributed throughout the Kiwano fruit.

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And because the fruit peel is so special, almost everyone is curious what the inside of the Kiwano will look like. When you use a knife to cut the Kiwano in half, the inside of the fruit will be similar to the intestine of a cucumber. Even the kiwano seeds are exactly the same as cucumber seeds.

Kiwano’s intestine has a cool green color with many small white seeds scattered inside. These melon seeds are covered with clear, pale green membrane. It is the bright orange color of the peel and the green color of the intestines that work together to make the Kiwano stand out and look extremely attractive.

What the Heck is a Kiwano Melon and How Do You Eat It?

There are many ways to eat the kiwano fruit. You can use a spoon to scoop the intestines and taste them in your mouth. The seeds are swallowed, of course, just like cucumber seeds. However, the Kiwano melon seeds are quite hard, so it will be a bit difficult to chew, but just eat a few spoons you will get used to and swallow quickly.

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The taste of the Kiwano fruit is considered to be a mixture of cucumber and the sweet and sour taste of kiwifruit. Overall, this fruit is easy to eat, the taste is not too sour but not too sweet so it can be eaten easily. However, if you are not used to eating, for this Kiwano, you can also mix it into salads, blends it with other ingredients to drink.

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Although Kiwano is called an alien fruit, but Kiwano is an edible and safe fruit for your health. In particular, this fruit is also recognized to contain a lot of vitamins and fiber that is very good for the body. The price of kiwano fruit sold in the US is about 4.99 USD for each fruit.

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