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Hai Luu stork garden – An attractive tourist destination in Vinh Phuc, Vietnam

by Victoria

Hai Luu stork garden is located in Dua Le village, Hai Luu, Song Lo, Vinh Phuc. About 110km from Hanoi city. The garden has a gentle Lo River surrounding it. This is also the stork garden that still remains of Hai Luu forest. The garden has an area of ​​up to 15ha, of which 7 hours is home to converging storks. The annual average temperature in Hai Luu stork garden varies with seasons, ranges from 26-28 degrees Celsius, the average rainfall per year is 1,650m.

Giới thiệu vườn cò Hải Lựu

Hai Luu stork garden is considered one of the 5 most famous ecological forests in Vinh Phuc. Not on a large scale like Tam Dao National Park, not as pristine as Dai Lai lake, … this stork garden has a very poetic and peaceful beauty. Here you will be immersed in the fresh, fresh space of the beautiful nature.

Đôi nét về vườn cò Hải Lựu

Journey to discover Hai Luu stork garden, you will go through winding village roads, green fruit gardens. Under the sultry weather of a hot summer day, the atmosphere here will suddenly cool you down with the image of a peaceful village with endless green lawns, with a vast stream of water ripples. There are bamboo groves swaying in the wind. At that time, all the noise and fatigue in the street suddenly disappeared. Not only that, visitors can also admire the behavior of birds and storks for themselves. Coming here, there will be only you, nature and heaven.

Vẻ đẹp ở vườn cò Hải Lựu

When the sunset falls, tinged with a sweet yellow on the trees, tens of thousands of white storks from the distant horizon pull each other back to the nest, looking for each other on the branches, disturbing a corner of the sky. Seeing the scenery during this time will give you unforgettable impressions. If you want to have the most beautiful and romantic view, then take a boat ride to the river.

Vườn cò Hải Lựu có gì đặc sắc

After a few hours of sightseeing, you can relax on the hammocks available in the garden, drink a bowl of cool leaves. If you feel your stomach ringing, you can enjoy the local specialties.

Ăn gì khi đến vườn cò Hải Lựu

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