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Hagia Sophia church in Turkey – The mysterious cathedral masterpiece

by Victoria

Considered as a famous historical and cultural cathedral in the heart of Istanbul, Hagia Sophia attracts a surprisingly beautiful architecture.

Historic museum “treasure”

This church in Turkish is also called “Ayasofya” – the gathering place of wisdom and wisdom. Over many historical periods, under each dynasty used for a different purpose. This place is the crystallization of many extremely unique civilizations and cultures. Having been the largest church in the world for a long time, tourists come here to learn and especially to visit the beautiful architecture.


First born in 360, Hagia Sophia was built by the Romans. After being destroyed many times, in 532, this place was rebuilt. Became the Catholic cathedral of the Roman Empire after the 4th Crusade. In 1453, when the Ottoman Empire overthrew the Byzantine, it was again used by Muslims as a chapel for people to pray. For a while it was abandoned, until 1935 President Ataturk decided to turn this place into a museum serving visitors from all over the world.


The quality architecture of the Hagia Sophia church

To the architectural art world, Hagia Sophia is considered as an invaluable treasure that cannot be compared. Inside, not only hides historical stories, unanswered mysteries, but architecture also reaches a top level that makes everyone admire. The birth of this church has a profound influence on the later architectures from the Ottoman to the Renaissance or the later modern works around the world.


Probably also because of the influence of many different religions and styles, the Turkish Hagia Sophia has unique quintessence that creates an impressive beauty beyond ordinary standards. Byzantine architecture features marble columns supporting a large dome followed by rows of small windows. Standing up from below, you will be amazed at this extremely unique and creative design, because it gives you a different look like the multi-dimensional space commonly found in modern works.


A special feature is that the windows are decorated with color with transparent glass that not only creates the light but also makes the whole space of the church become more sparkling. The four large towers with sharp peaks like pencils, fountains, and marble decorations are the hallmarks of Islamic architecture. The mosaic paintings with impressive decorative motifs are typical of the unique Mosaic style, partly brought to Venice and only a few remain.


Turkish tourism to visit this church you will be passing through the king gate area with a marble door. Walk on the paved path to the gallery above to get the most comprehensive view of the vast space of this place. See mystical mosaics, especially Deesis with images of Jesus dating back to the late Catholic period. But this painting depicts God like someone completely different. So there have been many assumptions surrounding this picture as to whether Jesus is real or not.


Not only that, inside this church, there are still rare objects such as: one of the nail fragments once mounted on the Cross and the tombstone of Jesus, the cloth used to cover Our Lady of Mary, … Come here, You will see firsthand a museum of unique objects. They are not only important to history, archeology also brings many interesting stories hidden behind that you can learn.


The mysteries are full of excitement

Besides interesting historical or architectural stories, many people also come to this place to drink holy water from a well in the center of the main hall of the synagogue area. Because it is said that if someone comes to drink there on Saturdays of 3 consecutive weeks, they will be cured. Because of the rumors about that miraculous use that many people believe and come to try to follow.


Hagia Sophia also has a pillar “sweat” because it is always wet all year round. Historically it was brought back from the Temple of Artemis in Ephesus and made of white marble. At the foot of the pillar is surrounded by copper plates, there is a small hole, if you put your finger in it and find it wet, the prayer of cure will come true. Although it sounds a bit unscientific, you can try it out when you have the opportunity to visit this church.


Notice when visiting

  • The church is open weekdays except Mondays. Opening hours for summer: 9:00 to 19:00; Winter opening hours: 9:00 to 17:00.
  • You come to buy tickets at the ticketing area at the entrance or buy tickets online before visiting to save waiting time. You can ask a local guide to accompany you with historical explanations or tour guides.
  • To go to Hagia Sphia Church you can take the T1 train to the Sultanahmet station then get off. From here, just take the car one more distance to arrive.

Works though over the centuries, were destroyed and then restored. With its impressive and mysterious appearance, it has become the pride of not only Turkish people in particular, but also of all humanity that needs to be preserved and widely introduced. Do not miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in the beautiful architectural space and visit and explore the unique things inside this famous church.

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Omar Saleh March 9, 2021 - 6:36 am

Hagia Sophia is not a Church. What competent individual wrote this?

Son March 9, 2021 - 2:58 pm

You intentionally keep mentioning church / cathedral in your article. In case you missed the occasion, this is no longer a church but a mosque now. Like many real mosques in Cordoba, Alhambra, Granada which converted into empty cathedrals with violence, this Ayasofia is now converted as a mosque without a war. What an accomplishment in human history.

Victoria March 9, 2021 - 7:09 pm

thank you for the information!!

Tim Schultz March 10, 2021 - 7:24 am

Okay let’s not try to make this into something it’s not. First of all the article stinks the facts aren’t accurate and the writing is atrocious. Outside of that the Hagia Sophia was converted from a orthodox Christian Church into a mosque in 1453 when Mehmet the conqueror won the siege of Constantinople and took the City by force. That is a war not peace. We just need to clarify that okay? Yes it was converted into a museum in the thirties and then back into a mosque this past summer, and as a non-muslim it does not bother me that it was converted back into a mosque. The Hagia Sophia was built to worship and honor God and that’s what it should be used for. And as someone who thoroughly loves and appreciates history, I am very grateful that the conqueror did not destroy the frescos and christian icons inside the Hagia Sophia so we can learn from and appreciate what humanity has created in the past and honor those that did come before us. I don’t think any culture any of the abrahamic religions has got it absolutely 100% correct in honoring God and doing everything perfectly but if we can appreciate where we’ve come from that will help us get to where we are going.

Wally March 10, 2021 - 2:14 pm

This building was a church when it was built but (walakin) sultan muhammad alfatih did not take it forcebly he paid for it with his own money before turning it into a mosque then when the secular sect took over the government in turkey they turned it into a museum this the Truth about this place .

Abul Kalam Nurul Hoque March 14, 2021 - 7:02 pm

I appreciate the comments made by everyone before me. I would like to stress that we should enjoy the monument as it stands now as a place of worship (Masjid) , where true God ( Allah ) is being worshipped NOT Idles.


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