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Grasp Cambodia’s last bamboo trains – Norry

by Victoria

One of Cambodia’s newest attractions – the bamboo train in Battambang – has resumed its operation after shutting down for a few months. Here, let’s take a look at the story behind this fascinating mode of transportation.

A sadness raged across Cambodia when in 2017, Battambang’s famous bamboo train had to be halted to make way for the railroads to be fully operational. Although the government is committed to reinstating services, suspicions remain high.

However, in early January 2018, the bamboo train – also known as norry in Khmer – rose from the ashes, with six cars once again running along another track about 20 km from the city.

Initially, this train was born as a logistic measure during the era of the United Nations Transition Agency of Cambodia (UNTAC) – a United Nations peacekeeping operation, operating in the early 1990s. to help the country after the Khmer Rouge was devastated.

The train was originally used to haul cargo along the country’s cracked northern railway. It is made from a bamboo platform covered with a mat for “comfort” – which can be extremely suitable for a large family and their world cargo on board – mounted on two fake suits with one the engine in the back.

A wooden pillar acts as the brake and accelerator pedal, the train can pass through the bumpers at 50km / h. Single track means that if you encounter another train going towards you, one of you has to dismantle the carriage for the other to pass.

Since the UNTAC era, tourists have started with this idea, with visitors taking a hair-filled historic trip through the pristine countryside of Battambang daily.

And now that his new track is open and activities are back on, tourists can continue enjoying the action of the train’s new location. Now the route begins near the base of Phnom Banan – home to a historic Angkorian temple – in the Sang Village of Kanteu II commune.

The track continued for four kilometers, before ending at Chhoeuteal’s salary. The trip costs $ 5 and enjoys the stunning views, as well as gives visitors the chance to explore the Banan temple and its surroundings.

Banan temple

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