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Go to Greece to explore Europe’s longest gorge – Samaria

by Victoria

Referring to the country of Greece, you cannot ignore the title “land of myths” with thrilling fairy tales. Besides, this beautiful country also owns more than 2000 large and small islands with beautiful and famous beaches around the world.

Greece has its own mark in such a splendid and magnificent ancient civilization, however, visitors not only remember the cultural and human beauty, but they are also impressed by the rich nature and the most beautiful and longest gorge in Europe – Samaria.


Samaria Gorge – ideal destination for travelers who love adventure and adventure

Nestled on the island of Crete, the Samaria gorge has a length of more than 16km, (11 miles). The gorge begins in the Omalos plateau (deep in the mountains) and ends in a small village south of the coast of Agia Roumeli (facing the coast of Africa). With unique terrain and rich vegetation, Samaria is known as the most beautiful and longest canyon in Europe.

In 1965, the people of Samaria village located deep in the canyon were evacuated for tourism. Samaria tours often take visitors to visit, explore the pine forest, the ancient cypress forest, rock climbing and trekking through the Samaria canyon. Until now, more and more tourists flock here. An estimated 250,000 tourists visit this canyon every month.


Tourists can come here in summer and winter. The most ideal time to visit the Samaria Gorge is in May. Because peony, buckwheat and chrysanthemum are in full bloom at this time, the fragrant scent spreads across the earth and sky creating a beautiful natural landscape. The gorge walk takes about 5-7 hours, so you should go in before 9am to make sure it is done before sunset.

Journey to discover the Greek Samaria gorge

Samaria Gorge is made up of cliffs with an altitude of more than 1000 meters. Two steep cliffs create a unique ravine with unique streams and animals and plants. Stepping into the canyon, you will feel overwhelmed by the rugged and rugged mountain terrain. Along with that is a pine forest, a vast cypress forest. You go along the mountain road going forward, the ground will be rock and gravel.


In autumn, the canyon also has small streams of water flowing, there are unique bridges spanning small rivers. In the canyon there are lots of rocks and water. Thanks to the spring water flowing all year round, the trees here are always green and lush. During the walk, you mostly go flat distances. However, it is still sometimes necessary to climb the slope to conquer this canyon.


In the middle of the walkway, visitors can stop at the stations to get more energy. It could be the hydroelectric station, located just outside the village of Mithi. After going on, you will admire the most wonderful part of this canyon.


Here, there are pristine cypress forests, pristine pine forests and rich herbs. There are kri-kri goats and some rare plants, especially orchids.


Crossing the cool water, looking up from below, over the towering cliff is a deep blue sky, windy, light sunshine and gentle clouds. You can take pictures to save these wonderful moments.


Halfway through the walk, you’ll pass an abandoned stone village in 1962 (the village is currently run by National Park authorities). Here you can see birds of prey or wild Cretan goats. This is a very interesting experience that visitors will never forget.


On the journey to discover the Samaria canyon, there are many stops for visitors to rest, eat and drink. For short trips, you just need to follow the canyon to go. However, for longer walks you can use a map or GPS.

At the end of the canyon is Agia Roumeli on the Libyan Sea. From here, you can take a train to the village of Hora Sfakion island to learn about the lives of the people here. The walking journey in Samaria alley is both an interesting experience and an exciting challenge for those who love adventure and conquer.


Some things to note hike through the Greek Samaria gorge

  • The canyon has a lot of rocks and pebbles, so you need to prepare appropriate hiking gear. It is best to choose sports shoes with good grip, comfortable clothes. Don’t forget to bring your food, map or locator in your backpack.
  • If going in winter, need to prepare more warm clothes, socks, raincoats. On the way there is water, but you still need to bring water or a non-water bottle. May bring more sunscreen.
  • If going in winter or when it just rains, you need to be careful because standing water is quite dangerous, easily slippery. This place also has quite a rush of water, you should be careful when it rains.

Samaria Gorge contains a lot of interesting and new things, if you plan to travel to Greece don’t forget to experience this trekking experience through Europe’s longest gorge!

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