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Glastonbury Tor – A mysterious place where King Arthur and Jesus once walked

by Victoria

Glastobury is a town in England in a county of Somerset. In modern times it is famous for the music festival that takes place there. When the event is on, the streets get flooded with visitors. This however is only a tip of an iceberg. Historically Glastonbury was a place of mystery and spiritual significance.

The most intriguing site in town in my opinion is Glastonbury Tor. It is a very steep and tall hill which is a rather unusual geological formation. The only remaining building that stand stall on the top of this hill is St Michael’s tower which was built in 14th century. Medieval times are distant and although the historical records started to be more structured in those time, the history didn’t stop there. It goes much deeper. And of course the deeper it goes the less record is seen.

Apart from its unusual geology, there are archaeological finds that suggest that there were terraces around this hill. Why or how were they built remains a mystery. There are suggestions that it could have been a sacred labyrinth for the pilgrims. This dates back all the way to the Neolithic Era.

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According to the legends King Arthur came to Glastonbury Tor to heal himself after a battle in the holy springs of Chalice Wells which are located at the bottom of the Tor. The mythical king is a very interesting figure as it is still not clear if he was a historical figure, a group of people or a made-up character on the first place.

Before the healing of King Arthur another legend has it that in the very centre of this hill there is a hidden cave, a mysterious passage to the parallel world which was called Annwn. And the latest legend suggests that Jesus himself walked the steps of the Glastonbury Tor. Joseph of Arimathea – Jesus’s uncle was a wealthy tin merchant who was visiting England for business. It is believed that young Jesus came with him too.

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Meet Mike Bogatyrev, he is a travel vlogger who is focusing on culture, visual beauty of the place he visits. “I love sharing my impressions of the places I have visited and inspiring my viewers to visit the place. You can see my travel video on my YouTube Channel, just search for Mike Bogatyrev Travel Channel.” – he said. Mike just finished his trip at Glastonbury Tor, here are some of his shares at this place and scenes captured here.

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“All of those legends combined start to feel very differently once we’ve stepped out of the car and looked up on the magnificent hill. One can read about it, study it however when you see the site with your own eyes, breath the air, walk it – something inside begins to shift. Looking up on the Tor – I imagined, what it could be like to live there, to defend the place, to face daily challenges.

The only way to feel it was to go up there. When we started our assent, the weather was glorious – the sun was out, there was no wind. Green fields could be seen for miles. We walked further up to the tower. Moments later I looked behind and realised that the wind is picking up unusually fast, the raincloud is approaching the hill very rapidly. Because we were quite high up, we could even see its shadow moving along the fields.

Eventually we have reached the top of the Tor and at that point the gigantic rain cloud reached us too. I have never seen a raincloud rushing through the hill and through the tower. The sensation was truly extraordinary. Rain, wind and water seemed to be everywhere. Once the raincloud passed and we were completely wet, the sun came out like there was no rain on the first place. Such a quick and major weather changed caused the rainbow to appear. It was not just a rainbow but a double rainbow. In a place like that it felt like it was a miracle.

This trip stayed with us forever. And you can see all of what we saw and felt in this video.”

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