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Get lost in breathtaking view of oolong tea hill in Sapa

by Chloe

Oolong tea hill is located about 8km northwest of Sa Pa town (Lao Cai), 1,800m above sea level. The exactly address is cluster 13, O Quy Ho commune, Lao Cai.

Location of oolong tea hill on Google Maps

How can you get there?

The road to Oolong tea hill is quite “arduous”, so lot of new Sapa tourists does not know. Tea hill is located about 6km from the center along the 4D Highway (the road to Thac Bac Waterfall or O Quy Ho Pass). Tourists can ride to town and rent a motorbike to go to this destination. If you go from the town direction, look on your left side, about 6km you will naturally see this tea hill.

Tourists visit Oolong tea hill, can inquire about roadside residents how to reach the entrance of tea hill. Or you can also notice that on the right side there is the kindergarten of cluster 3, the entrance is right opposite the school gate.

Đường tới đồi chè Ô Long đẹp mê mẩn đón xuân sớm ở Sa Pa

The tea hill is personally owned by a Taiwanese owner, but a family of H’Mong people is in charge of taking care of it. Therefore, many visitors also have to pity to return because they are not allowed all to enter.

Tips to enter the oolong tea hill

Lào Cai hướng tới là trọng điểm thu hút khách du lịch

If you want to visit the tea hill, you should bring some gifts for H’mong family and ask for their permission.

Sa Pa thời 'tăng trưởng nóng': 'Mất văn hóa là cái mất đau lòng nhất' » Báo  Phụ Nữ Việt Nam
H’mong children

When the old lady opens the door, do not tell her to let you go to the tea hill, just say that you want to give the children some gift and play with them. Do not give them money, they will be sad and don’t let you in. You can buy a few small gifts like a batch of milk for the children, some fruit to give to H’mong family before coming.

Scenery in oolong tea hill

With each row of tea planted interspersed with forest plum trees along the path, the oolong tea hill has created a beautiful natural picture for this place, making tourists do not want to leave.

Coming to Oolong tea hill on the days when the plum blossoms blush with red young leaves, mixed with the sweet sunlight like honey, the whole picture becomes more brilliant and colorful. That’ s why visitors favorably call this place a miniature European field in Sa Pa.

Lạc lối giữa không gian đẹp mê hồn của mai anh đào tại đồi chè Ô Quy Hồ -  Sapa - VietnamPropertyForum.vn

When dawn comes down, the whole area of ​​the tea hill is like a dream girl, awakening from the clouds that cover all the way. When the sun is a bit higher, tourists seem to be lost in a warm setting. Immersed in the forest and mountain space and enjoy every relaxing moment, you will be erased many sorrows of daily life.

You will be allowed to capturing impressive moments in the midst of an incredibly beautiful tea hill. It is the forest plum trees that have dotted the shimmering and dreamy beauty of the whole tea hill.

The pink color of the plum blossoms on the tea hill overlooking the eye offers a romantic and poetic scene can attract any photographer. Usually, plum blossoms will bloom around the beginning of December, because of that, Oolong tea hill has become a new place, attracting young people who like to travel to Sapa and photographers for about 2 years.

Mai anh đào bung nở, khoe sắc hồng giữa đồi chè Ô Long khiến du khách “ngẩn  ngơ”

When is the perfect time to take photos ?

According to photographers, the best time to watch the flowers and take pictures is in the early morning which from 7 to 8 a.m, while in the late afternoon from 16 to 17 p.m, the rays of sunlight fall diagonally on the plum blossoms highlight the color of flowers. The combination of color, light, and mist will contribute to a poetic image.

Không có tuyết, Sa Pa ấm áp tràn sắc xuân trên đồi chè Ô Long | Kênh Thời  Tiết

Since the tea hill is not a public tourist destination, you are only allowed to visit with a license and for a relatively short period of 20-30 minutes. Take advantage of exploring and take many beautiful photos with loved ones. Limit the noise, break branches, and cut young tea buds to adversely affect the landscape. Don’t forget to thank the gatekeeper aunt with a small gift.

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