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Garma festival – A real festival of native Australian

by Chloe

The Garma Festival is considered a part of Australian culture that you should not miss. This festival is usually held in August every year and is also one of the reasons why want to book flights to Australia at this time. Let’s see what Garma Festival in Australia is so unique and impressive!

Garma Festival is also known as Yolngu Cultural Festival. This event usually lasts for 5 days in the eastern part of Australia. During the festival, local tribes and neighboring aboriginal groups will gather to watch traditional Youngu singing, folk dances, …

This is a cultural festival with many impressive traditional activities for you to freely experience.

How to watch Garma on NITV | NITV

The interesting activities in the festival are the cultural array of this sacred land. According to the custom here, the participants of the festival will be applied with colorful chalks, bearing the characteristics of many different tribes. They will play together, dance and sing during the festival.

High Achieving NASCA Students from Sydney to attend the prestigious Garma  Festival. – NASCA

In particular, do not miss the opportunity to have a local herbal bath for spiritual relaxation.

Participants of the event will be painted on their faces with many characteristic colors to immerse themselves in the most interesting activities.

Every year, the Garma Festival will be held with many impressive themes, aimed at honoring the intangible heritage. Not only that, the festival is also an opportunity for local people to organize education, vocational training, and important discussions on economic-related things. This cultural event will have many impressive and meaningful activities and attract the attention of millions of visitors each year.

In addition, when traveling to Australia in August you will also have the opportunity to experience many unique festivals such as local food festivals, art fairs…

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