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From movies to real life – Destinations for movie fanatics

by Victoria

Cinema lovers have certainly dreamed of going to the blockbuster filming locations once to have a special experience with the “real-life landscapes” they see in the movies.Here are 10 real-life cities that have caught the eye of the director of cult films over the past 20 years.

1. Los Angeles, USA

Topping the list of cities with a history of cinema is none other than Los Angeles, California. Considered the home of Hollywood, Los Angeles is home to many movies and TV shows every year.

The sci-fi superhero movies filmed here may be “Blade Runner”, “Thor” or “Buffy the vampire slayer” …

2. London, UK

London is where film fanatics can find a wide variety of scenes seen in films, typically “London Zoo,” “Scotland Place,” or “Borough Market.”

Movie believers coming to London do not forget to have a tour called Harry Potter Warner Brothers Studio, where visitors can admire the costumes and props used in the process of making the famous witch movie. 

3. Wellington, New Zealand

Since there are so many locations in New Zealand that were chosen as the filming location for “The Lord of the Rings,” fans of the film need to know more than just Matamata.

Wellington is such a city. Not stopping there, not far from Wellington is the shooting scene of other blockbuster movies, one of which is Mount Victoria, the setting of the segment where Hobbit people flee from Nazgul.

4. Oxford, UK

“Harry Potter” is one of the most successful fantasy series in history. The sales of stories as well as episodes have crumbled many formidable records. Although the majority of the film’s footage was taken in the studio, “Harry Potter” did not go against shooting in real time.

Oxford is the first destination that fans of the wizard series should visit. The living room in the film is modeled after the Common Room at Christ Church in Oxford.

5. Forks, Washington

As a fan of “Twilight” (Twilight), surely no one can forget the misty scene that has been thoroughly exploited, bringing a separate effect to the movie. “Twilight” actually revived the supernatural fantasy genre and did so in large part thanks to its setting in Forks, Washington.

Forks is a real-life location, not a setting created by Stephenie Meyer. As a small town, Forks now has a gift shop and tour to explore the filming locations of the movie.

6. Matamata, New Zealand

Referring to the most famous fantasy movie series of all time, there must be the movie “The Lord of the Rings.” This series is set in Matamata, New Zealand and the movie fans are still flocking here. Matamata is the perfect place to start your tour of the Lord of the Rings film set.

Next to Matamata is the recording scene of the hit super hit “The Hobbits” (Hobbit people), promising to bring a lively experience to visitors.

7. Dubrovnik, Croatia

“Game of thrones” – the most successful American fantasy film of all time – has lots of beautiful scenes and of course there are many cities that associate their image with the movie. Dubrovnik (Croatia) is one such city.

8. Alcazar of Seville, Spain

Although the United States has always been a priority in choosing locations for fantasy filming, the most recent American films have been filmed abroad. “Game of thrones” is such a movie.

Filming took locations in Europe, and stunning footage was shot in Alcazar of Seville, Spain. This colorful beautiful city is also known as an ideal tourist destination.

9. New York, USA

New York is probably one of the few cities that have been chosen as the setting for every genre of film. It’s hard not to think of New York when it comes to movies and television. Many science-fiction and fantasy films are set here, typically “I am legend”, “King Kong.”

Coming to New York, it is easy to recognize the landscapes and locations in superhero movies, especially recent Marvel Cinematic Universe movies.

10. Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver, Canada is the “film studio” that many directors “chose to send gold to”. The blockbuster movies used to use this as a setting include “Deadpool”, “Supernatural”, “The X-Files”.

Dramas such as “Arrow” and “The 100” also chose British Columbia, a Canadian province as the filming location.

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