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Extremely quirky culinary combinations that are only available in Japan

by Victoria

Mentioning Japan is referring to an extremely diverse and rich cuisine and culture. One cannot leave Japan without a delicious sushi meal, fresh sashimi and a bowl of ramen. Sure, these are famous dishes you should eat in Japan, but why not step out of your comfort zone and try something new?

Ice cream flavored with coal, horse meat, octopus…

Ice cream is sold everywhere, but Japan has surpassed all competitors by producing flavors you cannot imagine.

From gentle flavors like wasabi, miso, cheese … to “heavyweight” flavors like coal, Indian curry, raw horse meat and even beef tongue. Just go to Japan and be amazed!

Biscuits filled with bugs

The bug-filled cracker, known as Jibachi Senbei in Japanese, sounds like a cookie that came out of a food enthusiast’s worst nightmare!

But strangely enough, when asked about its taste, those who tasted it shared that its taste was extremely … normal, that is, neither delicious nor bad. Anyway, this cake is quite nutritious because it contains a lot of proteins from bugs …

French fries served with chocolate and cream

Imagine the salty taste of the french fries with the rich and sweet chocolate – there are things that, while luckily sound, find each other. You can find this dish at Calbee Plus in Takeshita Street, in Harajuku in Tokyo.

Ramen with all kinds of flavors

Instant noodles are the most beloved child of Japan, so it is not surprising that instant noodles possess hundreds of flavors. First of all, sweet ramen for couples, as the broth is molten chocolate! This dish is only sold on Valentine’s Day at MENSHO Tokyo.

Green tea is also a Japanese national dish, put them together and you’ve got the most Japanese food combination you can think of – matcha ramen! Even if you don’t want to try it out, this dish is sure to be a souvenir to take home.

Wasabi beer

For those who love to drink beer, this is definitely a specialty you should try when traveling to Japan. This wasabi-flavored beer is sure to give your taste buds a powerful burst. A trip to Daio Wasabi farm in Nagano prefecture to get this unique drink.

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