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Explore Uluru monoliths – a magical changing color rock in Australia

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Australia’s nature is famous for its charming, unique and rich terrain. Among them, Uluru monolithic rock – the changing color rock during the day is considered as ideal destination when experiencing Australia tour.

Uluru is also known as Ayers Rock or The Rock. This is a monolithic rocky mountain in the Ayers Mountains which is 350 km east of the city of Ailissibulins. In 1973, Uluru was accidentally discovered and named after the current Australian Prime Minister Hengli Ayers.

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Uluru monolithic mountain is considered a sacred area, is the venue for the rituals of the Anangu Pitjantjatjara. Uluru appears extremely superficial with a height up to 348m, up to 3km long, the circumference of its foot is about 8.5km.

When you experience this destination, you will definitely be infatuated by the magnificent beauty of this unique mountain. Today, this place has become a national park that attracts a large number of tourists around the world.

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According to many studies, Uluru is a quartz stone block, a hard rock with a tight structure, iron oxide outside. It is these properties that make this Uluru monolith so wonderful when it changes color continuously throughout the day.

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With different weather conditions, climates and times, Uluru appears with attractive colors such as dark red, yellow orange or purple. However, the characteristic color is still dark red. Over the past 600 million years, this monolithic mountain is still standing tall and majestic.

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Uluru is associated with mystical, spirit-colored tales. Many people believe that this place is associated with a “curse”. If you bring anything from the Uluru rock after your trip, you will have bad luck. Some tourists want to keep memories so that they pick up a few stones, coincidentally, they all encounter undesirable things.

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Even, Tim – a Yowie Man in Australia once shared that: “Many tourists have to return the stone they have picked up.”

Although this “curse” has not been verified, it has made this place more interesting in the eyes of tourists.

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Experience Australia tour in this place, you also have the opportunity to enjoy dinner under the starry sky, extremely romantic. Delicious food, drinks, eye-catching decoration and unique dances of the local people promise to bring you wonderful moments of relaxation.

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Not only that, this place is also known as a paradise for those who love to walk. The 4km long road from the Cultural Center to the foot of Uluru, with a lot of disturbances and flora, will make you flutter. Alternatively, guests can camp at Ayers Rock Resort. Tents, camps, cabins are ready to serve all needs of visitors.

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Are you ready for the Australian tour experience on the sacred rock of Uluru?

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