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Explore these 7 beautiful and romantic together islands in Singapore

by Victoria

Singapore is known as a modern city, with magnificent architecture, but few people know that this lion island nation still has countless beautiful islands. For better understanding, join us in the following article to know what these beautiful islands in Singapore are, where are they?

Pulau Ubin Island Tourism

If you are looking for beautiful and famous islands in Singapore, Pulau Ubin is a good idea. Separated from the hustle and bustle of the city, Pulau Ubin Island brings a peaceful and gentle space, very suitable for vacation trips. Clear emerald blue waters, ecosystems of deep green forests, old and old houses, all of these images create a rustic and simple picture of nature, creating a sense of relaxation. , comfortable for anyone setting foot on the island.

In addition to exploring nature, visitors here can also participate in a lot of experiences, as well as interesting activities such as: flying a kite, fishing, squid fishing, watching the sunset, admiring many birds. color, listen to the chirping, …

Cùng khám phá 7 hòn đảo ở Singapore đẹp, lãng mạn

Explore the island of Chek Jawa

Singapore tourism should go beautiful and romantic? Chek Jawa Island is also one of the famous tourist islands in Singapore you should not miss. Although it is a famous tourist destination in Singapore, its natural beauty has not been affected much, so it still retains its inherent pristine features. In particular, Chek Jawa Island is also home to a variety of unique and diverse animals and marine life, giving you the opportunity to better understand the ecosystem here.

Note: The number of tourists coming to Chek Jawa Island is increasing, with the influence of the island’s ecosystem. So the Singapore government has limited tourists to visit the island. Therefore, if you come to Chek Jawa Island during the high season of Singapore tourism, book travel tickets early to avoid trouble during your trip.

Cùng khám phá 7 hòn đảo ở Singapore đẹp, lãng mạn

Visit the island of Pulau Hantu

Another suggestion is Pulau Hantu Island, which is made up of two small islands: Pulau Hantu Besar and Pulau Hantu Kechil (Ghost Island). The people here often call this island Devil Island, because they believe that on the island there are still ghosts of ancient Roman warriors, but for travelers, this is an island paradise, because Pristine natural beauty, simple but surprisingly attractive.

Visitors to Pulau Hantu island not only can explore the rich and diverse natural ecosystem, but also watch the beautiful, clear beach, immerse in the cool water to have fun and swim. Even more amazing, there are many interesting activities for visitors to participate in such as: snorkeling, camping on the beach, discovering fresh cuisine right on the island, catching crabs, squid fishing, … All these experiences are to bring great emotions to those who participate. Therefore, Pulau Hantu is also considered a beautiful and interesting island in Singapore.

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Saint John Island

Which island in Singapore is the most beautiful? Located in the south of Singapore, Saint John Island is also a favorite tourist destination for many people. Because this place owns a beautiful beach, with white sand stretching all over the coast, with diverse ecosystems, towering mountains, all of this creates a beautiful natural space. unforgettable. Not only that, the island also exploits many activities and services right at the sea to serve tourists such as: dolphin shows, scuba diving, boat rental, …

Cùng khám phá 7 hòn đảo ở Singapore đẹp, lãng mạn

Sisters Islands

I feel impressed hearing the name alone, right? This is an ideal destination for those who love nature, like camping and participating in marine activities. Favored by nature, possessing a rich marine biology, but colorful coral reefs create magical beauty, helping you to have interesting experiences when exploring the ocean. Besides, above is the deep green forests, with fresh natural space, this is a great camping place, helping you to both immerse in nature and watch the sea. And this is also the most popular island in Singapore.

Cùng khám phá 7 hòn đảo ở Singapore đẹp, lãng mạn

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