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Explore the town located in the middle of Sahara – Merzouga, Morocco

by Victoria

If you ignore the town of Merzouga while traveling to Morocco, it will be the most regrettable thing in your trip. The small town next to the desert contains secrets and very interesting experiences that you will hardly have for the second time in your life. Thanks to its wild beauty, Merzouga has been chosen as the location for a number of scenes in the blockbuster movie ‘Aquaman’.

About the town of Merzouga

Merzouga is a small town in southern Morocco, bordering northern Algeria and adjacent to the vast Sahara desert. Traveling to Merzouga, you can experience closer to the life of nomad Berber.

The beauty of Merzouga comes from sandy beaches up to 50km long and about 5km wide and sand dunes up to 350m high. Moroccan tour to Merzouga will definitely give you a strange and new feelings about life in the desert. From Merzouga you can move to the surrounding villages to have more experiences featuring African style.

Time to travel to Merzouga

The best time to travel Morocco and Merzouga is from March to June and from September to December each year. If you love festivals, you should definitely come to Merzouga on 30/7 because this is the time when indigenous people celebrate on the occasion of the Throne Day. There will definitely be a lot of exciting activities going on that day.

How to come to Merzouga

It is very easy to travel to Merzouga. After landing at Moulay Ali Cherif airport, you continue to travel by car about 100km north to reach the beautiful town of Merzouga.

What’s interesting about Merzouga?

Nearly 420km from the Moroccan capital Rabat, Merzouga will bring visitors a very interesting vacation with little secrets. Although located in the middle of the desert, you can still enjoy a comfortable trip with full bedding, toilets with tents. Early in the morning, open the door of the room, you will be surprised when in front of your eyes is a brilliant golden carpet by the sunlight shining on the sand. Unlike many places with white, black or speckled deserts, the Sahara desert here is extremely beautiful with a smooth reddish brown color.

Explore indigenous culture

On a Moroccan tour you should try the feeling of adventure on the camels. Camel riding is also the best way to explore the lands around the town of Merzouga. Two attractive tourist places for you to explore are Taouz (20km from Merzouga) or Rissani (35km northwest of Merzouga). Those places both help you understand more about the indigenous culture and also have many interesting activities. Remember to always bring a tube of sunscreen, sports shoes and a camera when traveling to Merzouga to make your trip more complete.

Camel riding in Merzouga
Sand bathing experience in Merzouga

In Merzouga there is also an extremely unique experience that any visitor must try once. That is sand bathing – a very interesting activity to help you have moments of relaxation.

From June to September every year, thousands of Moroccan tourists flock here to experience sand baths as well as enjoy herbal dishes. Early in the morning, when the sun is still not yet dawn, the young locals begin to dig dozens of sand holes right next to the inns. These young men were mainly Berbers of the Ait Atta clan – a tribe of ancient nomads with trans-Saharan trade. You can find this activity at most of the accommodations in Merzouga. You will be buried completely except the head. In the supine position for 10 minutes, your head will be protected from the sun and rehydrated to cool down by the staff.

After 10 minutes, you are lifted out of the sand with sweat drenched in your body. The staff members will immediately wrap the blanket to keep you cool. After resting for about 30 minutes to 1 hour you will take a warm bath and massage with refined camel fat. Sand bathing is a very famous form of health tourism here with the effect of treating back pain, rheumatism, heart disease, overweight treatment, skin diseases … 

There are many interesting places in this world but surely traveling to Morocco in Merzouga will bring you very magical experiences. That is also the reason why it is difficult for visitors to leave after the Morocco tour ends.

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