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Explore an alluring Manali of the Himalayas

by Victoria

Manali is a town in the Himalayas, in the northern Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. Due to being located at an altitude of 2,000 m above sea level, Manali climate is cool all year round and has a lot of snow in winter.

Around Manali, there are many fascinating discoveries. Among these must include the 3,978 m high Rohtang Pass, which always attracts adventurous tourists because of its majestic and dangerous level; The village is over 1,500 years old Naggar and especially the home of a famous Russian painter who has moved here. Manali is the gateway to skiing in the Solang valley and hiking in the Parvati valley. This is also the ideal place for skydiving and rock climbing in the Pir Panjal mountains, where the 4,000 m high Rohtang Pass.

The beautiful Beas river

Located in the Kullu valley, Manali stretches both sides of the famous Beas River. The river bed is not very deep, but there are many rocks, white foam water, blurry like a fairyland. From both sides of the river you can see the snow-covered Himalaya all year round. Running along the river is green coniferous forest. The clear river upstream brings beauty both wild and pure.

The River Beas is famous in world history because it stopped Alexander the Great’s dream of annexing the entire East. By this water, more than two thousand years ago, the Emperor’s soldiers rebelled demanding an end to the expansion, so the River Beas is considered the easternmost point in the journey to expand the realm of the eminent king.

The distinctive features of the New and Old area

Manali is divided into two areas: New area has many bus stations, central market … and Old area has many ancient architecture. These two areas are connected by an iron bridge over the river Beas gushing water. Usually, Western tourists choose to stay in the Old Quarter to learn about culture while Indian tourists choose New area is suitable for vacation or honeymoon.

Located on a small hill, Old Quarter is surrounded by snow-covered mountains with a forest of cypress mixed with straight pine. Here, beside the steep winding roads full of flowers are wooden or stone houses with typical small and beautiful architecture leaning against the mountain. Slate-roofed chalets are unique architecture of the Old Quarter and the ancient village of Vashist a few kilometers away.

This way of building houses helps the local people to cope with the harsh winter cold. The combination of wooden walls and slate roofs brings a special beauty that is captivating. Even the old houses are dilapidated, the beauty crystallized from the products of mountains and forests and human hands still make tourists surprised.

Sacred temples

Like all other lands in India, in Manali, wherever you go, you can see the religious architecture. Although not as massive as most temples in India, the temple in Manali is usually moderate but very elegant and ancient. Hidden on the slopes are colorful Tibetan temples and monasteries. The most famous is the Hindu temple named Hadimba, built in the sixteenth century.

The Hindu temple is built on a large rock to worship the goddess Hidimbi, a figure in the Indian epic. Surrounded by a lush green cedar forest, this stunning structure consists of three square wooden roofs, topped by a bronze cone top. The temple wall is also made of precious wood, which is carved very subtly and vividly.

Besides the sacred Vashist Mandir stone temple, Manu Temple also plays an important role in the religious life of the people of North India. Manu sage church and Manali name is derived from this name Manu. In Hindu legend there is a story about the great flood. The only person helped by the god Vishnu to overcome the flood was Manu.

Manu is an important figure because he is the creator of humanity, the author of the Manu Code, the oldest and most important law of Hinduism with the system regulating relationships in society. still valid to this day. According to legend, the land was not flooded but the god Vishnu transformed into a giant fish that brought Manu to the Himalayas, which is said to be Manali.

Meet Anuj and Sakhi, they are budding youtubers who love to travel, capture their journey and introduce those journeys to their viewers.

The couple shared with us that: “We recently went to Manali which is one of the major tourist attractions of Himachal Pradesh, India known for its picturesque views and Asia’s longest tunnel ‘Atal Rohtang tunnel’ which connects Manali with Lahaul spiti. We were enchanted by the autumn trees in Lahaul followed by sisu lake, we had a great time playing with rabbits and visiting ancient temples, meeting the vernaculars, cherishing the local dishes over there, trekking on the uncharted treks to the peaks of mountains, crossing the rivers, witnessing rainbows over the waterfalls, getting lost in the realms of nature, meadows of mountains. We had thoroughly enjoyed our trip. Hope you will like it too when you visit with us again through the places in videos”. Here is some of the footage they got on that day:

Thanks to Anuj and Sakhi for sharing their interesting experiences at Manali. Don’t forget to subscribe to their youtube channel Travel Outbound and give them a thumbs up after watching. And remember to share your trips with us via info@wetravelguides.com, or our Facebook / Twitter.

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