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Experience grilled chicken with volcanic rock in Da Lat, Vietnam

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The most attractive thing about this grilled chicken is the unique way to enjoy, diners who want to eat must use a hammer to break the clay pot outside to see the hot, fragrant chicken inside.
Recently, the video recording the moment an employee of a restaurant in Da Lat performed the performance of beating the pots, taking chicken to serve diners quickly received more than 2.6 million views.

According to the recorded images, the staff lifted the clay pot on the table and then rotated it. Wherever he turned, this person used a pestle to beat the middle part of the pot to get there with smooth and fluent movements. When the clay pot broke in half, exposing the hot, steaming chicken inside.

The staff poured a little beer into the chicken dish in the clay pot to add a special flavor to the dish. Witnessing the performance of “smashing the chicken pot” in just a few seconds of the staff’s skill, the guests were extremely excited, watching without taking their eyes off.

It is known that this unique clay chicken dish is sold at a popular restaurant in Da Lat city. Ms. Nu – the owner of the shop said that the chicken with the pot was sold at the shop since Tet.

“The dish is inspired by traditional grilled chicken. The cooks have given the idea for the dish to have a more unique presentation, attracting customers”, Ms. Nu shared.

In order to have a delicious smashed chicken dish, it is necessary to take care of each step, from selection of chicken, selection of pot to seasoning.

Chicken dish beaten is mostly processed from backyard bamboo chickens. The chicken chosen as the ingredient for this dish weighs not too much to both fit the size of the clay pot and ensure delicious meat.

After preliminary processing, the chicken is marinated according to the Northwest flavor with some special ingredients, especially nut and guava seeds. The process of processing the chicken dish is also quite a feat. First, the chicken is steamed and then grilled over charcoal. The chickens were then placed whole in clay pots and steamed on volcanic rocks. All processing takes about 45 minutes. When the chicken is cooked, the staff will bring it to customers.

In addition to chicken processing, choosing the right clay pot is also a decisive factor to the quality of the dish. The clay pot was chosen to be purchased from a ceramic kiln in Phan Rang with a special design so that when crushed, the pot will not be crumbled, and will not affect the food.

When bringing the chicken to serve diners, the staff has to beat the pot with moderate force and rotate evenly to get the hot chicken inside in the best way. In particular, the staff also poured more draft beer on top to make the dish more flavorful.

Each set of smashed chicken in this restaurant sells for $ 13. Due to the sophisticated and time-consuming process, the shop only sells 30-50 servings of chicken per day.

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