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Enjoy renowned Singapore specialties

by Victoria

Singapore lion island is the place of introduction and intersection between many cultures, including India, China, Indonesia, Malaysia. Therefore, the Singapore specialties are very diverse and rich, each dish brings its own color and flavor, creating a rich culinary background, helping diners remember forever.

Bak Kut Teh (Pork Rib Soup)

Opening the list of Singapore delicacies is the name Bak Kut Teh. This dish has a long history, the ingredients are simple but the taste is very strong and delicious.

Bak Kut The is also known as pork rib soup or rib eye tea. In addition to the main raw material is pork ribs, the dish also has other spices such as pepper, aniseed, herbs to increase flavor, so that the broth is cool and nutritious.

bak kut teh mon dac san singapore

Crab Chili Sauce

If you have come to Singapore to travel without enjoying the crab chili sauce Chili Crab, it is a big shortcoming. From fresh raw materials, the chefs have processed according to a special recipe, the smooth spicy sauce combined with the sweet white crab meat will make the culinary devotees massage. This dish costs about 40-50 sing, visitors can enjoy crab chili sauce Chili Crab at famous Singapore restaurants such as Red house seafood, Mellben Seafood, Long Beach MAIN, …

cua sot ot chili crab mon dac san singapore

Kaya toast and boiled egg

Toast and scrambled eggs are not too unfamiliar to all of us. However, have you ever enjoyed Kaya toast? Singapore specialties will make you fall in love.

Kaya toast with peach egg is the only traditional breakfast dish of Singaporeans. Kaya can be a liquid jam or egg sauce, coconut originated from Malaysia. This kind of bread is very fragrant, rectangular, when spread evenly on both sides of the kaya, sandwiched between a thick piece of butter and baked, the dish will emit a scent.

mon dac san singapore banh mi nuong kaya va trung long dao
mon dac san singapore banh mi nuong kaya va trung long dao

Wanton Mee

Referring to famous Singapore dishes, Wanton Mee will be an indispensable name. This dish is inspired by Hong Kong cuisine, however, Singaporeans have long regarded Wanton Mee as a delicious and important dish in their cuisine.

Most of Singapore’s noodles are dry, when eaten with some sweet sauces

Lightly, add the dumpling stuffed with pork, char siu and a small bowl of soup beside. Wanton Mee is easy to eat, diners can choose spicy and non-spicy styles for themselves.

mon dac san singapore wanton mee

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