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Drachenburg castle – The castle in fairy tales

by Chloe

The charming village of Königswinter is home to one of Germany’s best-preserved castles: Castle Drachenburg. The castle is located on a steep, tree-lined hill overlooking Wales. In particular, Drachenburg, die größte Burg is located in Nordrhein-Westfalen, Deutschland.

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This ancient castle has a true fairy space in modern life, the atmosphere of Drachenburg gives visitors an interesting feeling with a mesmerizing scenery with everything like nearly 20 years ago.

Drachenburg was built in the late 19th century, located atop a cliff in Konigswinter which is next to the Rhine and the city of Bonn. From the capital Cologne, you can visit the castle in just 30 minutes.

This castle was originally built as a private mansion in the 19th century, it has been through countless chaotic events and has been reused many times.

In 1940, the Nazis acquired this castle as a training base for the future leaders. The damage caused by World War II was only partially repaired and the building was almost demolished in the 1960s. However a private investor saved the castle at the last minute and opened it up to the public. them many years later.

Today, the castle is considered a tourist attraction and also hosts many exhibitions and Christmas markets in winter.

Coming to this magnificent castle, first you will be given a chance to sitting on an ancient cog railway that will lead you head into this beautiful castle. Or if you don’t want just sitting around, you can choose to walk to this castle, it’s quite easy road to go jogging.

drachenfells funicular train to Drachenburg castle and the top

At the entrance gate, you have to pay for the entrance fee which is about 5 to 7 euro, if you go with the whole family, you need to pay about 17 euro.

Due to its famous, this castle is always loaded with a massive number of tourists, so arriving near opening time which is… so you can have a chance to explore the whole castle easily and also staying away from the wave of visitors.

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Like very other castles, Drachenburg has many rooms, many of them are decorated with dark woods and colorful murals, which were en vogue at the time the castle was built. Although almost every room opens up to a balcony overlooking the Rhine River valley, some rooms didn’t let in much light and felt incredibly cozy.

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For men, they might especially love the Nibelung Room, which is a “gentleman’s lounge” decorated with frescoes depicting scenes from “The Song of the Nibelungs” (a famous German poem written during the Middle Ages).

After visiting all the rooms, you can take a look at the art gallery. The art gallery has the most stunning stained glass windows depicting a handful of famous artists throughout the ages. At the end of the gallery is a withdrawing room where guests could have a drink or enjoy their morning tea. The view of the Rhine and surrounding town from this side of the castle is utterly magical.

The guest of honor suite maybe is the favorite room of ladies. It was incredibly feminine with a white four-poster bed, velvet pink curtains, and the most incredible chaise lounge. Off the side of the bedroom is a tiny tower room with a nearly 365-degree view of the valley below.

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After touring the castle, you can walk around the grounds. The Venus Terrace sits just off the castle, and from here, you can see a perfect view of both the castle and the surrounding area. There’s also a small rampart off the opposite side of the castle.

When you visit this castle on a sunny, clear day , you could actually see the Cologne Cathedral in the distance!

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If you want to see the whole structure of this fairy tale castle, you can take a small footpath down to the bottom of the castle. It’s even more impressive when looking at it from below.

Besides this castle, you can find many other fairy tale ones when travelling to Germany such as Neuschwanstein castle, Hohenzollern castle…

Tip: You can download an audio guide app to your smartphone using the castle’s Wi-Fi. You can ask about this app from the security guard on duty. So that you can have more complete experiences when visiting this place.

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