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Dominican Republic’s extension of the plan provided Covid-19 healthcare offer

by Victoria

The tourism of the Dominican Republic (MITUR) announced the continuation of their free health insurance plan until March 31.

The plan is aimed at tourists arriving on commercial flights and staying at a hotel.

The plan, originally set to be open to tourists only through 1 January this year, has now been expanded to offer hope to British travelers hoping they can reach their destination by the end of the quarter. Firstly.

The promotion is valid from the time of check-in at the hotel and includes all medical emergencies in case of Covid-19.

“The Dominican government is committed to effectively and responsibly re-activating our tourism industry.

Dominican Republic - Covid-19 - Immigration update

“The free tourist assistance scheme has proven to be a success, as it has helped position the Dominican Republic as a safe destination where tourists can enjoy the country’s services with peace of mind that there is a medical system prepared to take care of them in the case of David Collado, Tourism Minister of the Dominican Republic said.

Free health insurance plan covers comprehensive care with insurance for medical emergencies in Covid-19 cases including emergency visit, hospital visit, medicine, emergency visit Extended rescue, specialist care, travel to various medical centers across the country, transportation in case of emergency costs, hospital accounts and flight change penalties

The renewal of the plan is a measure of the tourism industry’s commitment to the industry, the driving force behind the Dominican economy, and a key driver to continue on the path to revitalizing tourism for 2021.

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