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Discover the mysterious Cham towers while traveling in Central Vietnam

by Victoria

The strip of land in Central Vietnam full of sunshine and wind, the hometown of Cham towers with mysterious beauty is always an endless topic for many researchers, tourists and is the inspiration of those who are passionate about exploring. Over the centuries, the Cham towers have existed as if they wanted to challenge time.

My Son Sanctuary, Quang Nam province

My Son Sanctuary is a unique architectural complex of Cham people located in a valley surrounded by hills and mountains in Duy Phu commune, Duy Xuyen district, Quang Nam province. This place used to be the place of worshiping of the Champa dynasty as well as the tombs of kings. Each king, after ascending the throne, went to My Son to do a holy purification ceremony, offer offerings and build a temple. 

With more than 70 architectural works built from the 7th to the 13th century entirely of bricks and sandstone, each cluster of towers marks a unique style to demonstrate for each development stage of art history. Cham Pa and Southeast Asia. The main values ​​in terms of art, culture and belief, My Son Sanctuary was recognized by UNESCO as a world cultural heritage in 1999.

Banh It Tower, Binh Dinh province

Located on the hill of Dai Loc village, Binh Dinh province, Banh It Tower makes a strong impression on visitors by its majesty and majesty. Although there are only 4 architectural works left, each architecture brings a different artistic nuance, such as leading visitors into a magical palace. 

The main tower shows a majestic pedestal, the columns, the protruding lines along the walls, the arch of the massive spear-shaped doors, the southern tower with a poetic saddle-shaped roof The thoughtful poise gate, the southeast tower with decorative shapes in the form of a gourd on the floors give visitors a feeling of excitement and openness. Traveling in the Central region to visit Banh It tower, visitors will enjoy a diverse and rich beauty.

Ponagar Tower, Khanh Hoa province

If you have the opportunity to travel to Nha Trang, do not forget to visit the Ponagar tower located on the left bank of the Cai river to hear about the legend of Thien Y Thanh Mau Ana – the goddess who created the earth revered by people. admire the relic of Ponagar Tower, one of the largest architectural complexes of the Cham Pa culture remaining in Central Vietnam.

Following the stone steps leading up to the tower, visitors can easily see four octagonal columns, this is the retreat house (Mandapa), a place for pilgrims to rest, prepare offerings before the ceremony. officially upstairs. The top floor is where the towers are located. The towers are built in the Cham style, especially with no visible adhesive. The 23-meter-high tower is dedicated to the statue of the goddess carved in marble sitting on a majestic stone pedestal. Over time, the whole architectural cluster has deteriorated but still clearly shows the unique sculpture art with beautiful decorative patterns and reliefs.

Po Klong Garai Tower, Ninh Thuan province

Far from the city center of Phan Rang  – Thap Cham 9 km to the northwest, the Po Klong Garai Tower appears as a miniature universe, each floor, each side of the tower is carved decorated with ceramic and stone motifs with enough unique type … reflecting the peak stage of artistic development under King Poklong Garai (King Che Man) reigned. According to the art researchers, Hoa Lai tower, built in the late 13th and early 14th century is one of the oldest and most beautiful Cham relic clusters that still exist.

These Cham towers have reached the maturity level in the art of architecture and sculpture, worthy of becoming the shining gems on the tourist land of Central Vietnam.

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